BalletBody Workout Review

balletbody workout reviewHappy Friday, y’all! Did you miss me? I know you did. I miss me sometimes, too. So. How’s your week been? I know I’ve been in and out, but I have good reason! It’s called busting my butt working out so that I can give you an accurate assessment of my new barre workouts! But before I do that….

Did you know that grape suckers are a GIGANTIC painintheass? Well, they are. And they DO NOT come out of my hair easily. Smalls owes me. BIG TIME.

{drumroll} AND NOW:

If you recall, I promised you a review of the BalletBody workout.

Ummm…last week. And it’s been lingering on my to-do list. I promise! It’s just that, well, I have all FOUR workouts. (And when I say workout, I actually mean forms of torture.) And I didn’t feel that I could give an accurate assessment of them until I had done all of them…twice. I’m chicken-peck typing, by the way. I can barely move my arms.

Do you feel sorry for me yet? You should. This is all your fault. Grumble, grumble. But seriously, folks.

balletbody workout dvds

These workouts are the REAL DEAL.

Like, Tracy Anderson may have some competition. There are four workouts:

Each of them run approximately 45-50 minutes…except total body. That monster is a whopping 85 minutes of pure h-e-double-hockey-sticks that I won’t be doing again until my body stops shaking uncontrollably.

The workouts themselves are solid.balletbody workout review

I am not a huge fan of voiceover, but there is an option to lose her instruction once you’ve mastered the moves. The music is good, soothing, but with a good beat. And the moves are innovative. I honestly haven’t seen them before, which is a good thing!

No Modifications

There is a distinct lack of modifications that mirrors TAM, and is slightly annoying. I am NOT that flexible, lady. I do like the minimalist set, and lack of back up exercisettes (you know the ones that always seem to do something weird in the background? Not the ones that actually know what they’re doing. The ones that are off-beat. Literally. DRIVES.ME.NUTS!)

Unlike Bar Method and Physique57, I probably won’t be reaching for these workouts terribly often.

Yes, it’s nice that I can work my legs for nearly an hour, but really enjoy the total body approach of other DVDs.


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