The Best Homemade DIY Hair Detangler Spray

Fun fact about me…I have super, super fine hair that goes through a lot of DIY hair detangler spray. I have a lot of it, and I’ve been bleaching my hair for 20-ish years. Which is basically a recipe for disaster, seeing as how I just recently discovered hair masks and started taking an interest in getting some strength back in my very, very overprocessed hair. Skip to the directions.

The Best Homemade DIY Hair Detangler Spray

With that comes knots, rats, and it can be a mess. That is why I was on the hunt to make a hair detangler spray to tame my locks.

Because I enjoy having my highlights (and because my hair has slowly darkened as I’ve aged ever so gracefully…thanks, kiddos), it’s important that I don’t try to brush through my hair without some help.

Now, I did some research and found that the best thing for detangling my fine hair without weighing it down was vegetable glycerin.

Why Vegetable Glycerin is Good for Hair Detangler Spray

Wait, what?

Vegetable glycerin is produced using an extraction process called hydrolysis. During hydrolysis, oils are placed under the combined force of pressure, temperature, and water. The ester bond breaks and causes the glycerin to split from fatty acids and be absorbed by water; at which point the resultant is further isolated by distillation to increase purity. Purified vegetable glycerin has a texture similar to an oil or syrup due to its organic molecular makeup, specifically, three hydroxyl groups.” source


Vegetable glycerin comes from oil…but isn’t oil. Which is perfect. Because I’ve tried straight up coconut oil and argan oil and it’s not pretty, Y’all. Especially now that my hair is much shorter.

Making Homemade Hair Detangler Day with Essential Oils

The Best Homemade DIY Hair Detangler Spray

This mixture works really well for me, and while I have used it without any scent, I much prefer adding some essential oils so that I smell “fresh” during the day (I love when you move your head and you smell a bit of shampoo or conditioner).

I’ve tried a number of different combinations, and the four-oil combination that I’ve settled on smells girly, fresh, and helps me wake up (thanks, peppermint!).

The boys also love the smell of this spray, so much so that they’ve asked me to diffuse “the yummy hair stuff.”

Because I know what’s in my recipe, that’s easy to do, and this combo is great in the diffuser, especially on beautiful, clear days, just make sure that you go down to a 2-2-2-1 ratio if you choose to diffuse this. This is the best hair detangler spray I have made at home, and it takes seconds to make.

Best Hair Detangler Spray

DIY hair detangler spray made with essential oils

Ingredients for Hair Detangler Spray

Directions for Hair Detangler Spray

Gather your ingredients before you get started. Because you’re working with a small spray bottle, having a mini funnel can be helpful (I certainly find it to be).

DIY hair detangling spray for natural hair

Add your distilled water and vegetable glycerin the spray bottle, then add the essential oils.

Screw the cap on tightly and give it a good shake, then spray on tangled ends before gently combing out the tangles.

Start sparingly, and use the more detangling spray as needed.

homemade hair detangler sprayIf you’re going to be making this for small children, I would go ahead and skip the peppermint oil, as having it super close to the face could be a bit overwhelming, and, as peppermint is hot oil, it may sting. 

Even more, ways to use Essential Oils in your home

best Hair Detangler Spray

Do you use a detangler spray for your hair?



  1. Michele L Harvey on February 28, 2020 at 10:41 am

    Your recipe appears incomplete.
    How much distilled water?

    • Anne on March 24, 2020 at 8:46 am

      Oh my gosh I’m so sorry! 4 tablespoons for every tablespoon of glycerin.

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