Spooky Halloween Essential Oil Blends For Kids

It’s the time of year when Mummy’s little monsters get to bring make-believe to life with spooky costumes, haunted houses and jack o’ lanterns. Y’all! Trick-or-treat can’t come fast enough! And one of my favorite things about the end of October are using essential oils for Halloween Because I’ve got kids in and out Halloween week, I understand how important it is to use kid-friendly essential oil blends like these Halloween essential oil blends for kids.

Spooky Halloween Essential Oil Blends For Kids

Here are my favorite essential oils for Halloween, perfect for your little goblins (and big goblins, too). Everyone who comes to your house is going to love them but they’ll be begging for the recipe so make sure you share!

Spooky Halloween Essential Oil Blends For Kids

Candy Concoction

Nothing says Happy Halloween more than the tasty treats from a trick-or-treat adventure. This essential oil blend offers a delicately sweet aroma that everyone’s sure to love because it’s not too strong.

Flower Booooquet

Help those little zombies rise from their graves with this essential oil blend. The floral scent reminds me of fresh cut flowers and ghostly visitors because of the oils in it.

Monster Mash

Have a magical evening and a fang-tastic Halloween with this monster essential oil blend. A little goes a long way but this blend will add to the excitement and energy of the night.

Witches Brew

For that special witch in your life (its okay Mom’s y’all can own it today…hahahaha). This witchy blend is perfect for giving you energy because it has brain-boosting oils. Make no bones about it, good energy and a great mood are easy to find with this essential oil blend but just a warning, you’ll probably want to use it all the time.


Those little ones are simply too cute to be scary but they sure think they are! I love this blend because it reminds me of warm spiced cider and the mystery of the night. This is my go-to essential oil blend for Halloween night but only while trick or treaters are around.

Pumpkin Slice of Heaven

Enjoy your pumpkin latte in a bottle. This sweet and spicy blend will help you carve out some good times with family and friends because of its familiar fall scents. Treat yourself to this jack o’ lantern essential oil blend and get your house feeling seasonal.

Magic Spell

I know I said 6 but this one is too good to share because it’s one of my favorites. I love this essential oil blend because it does a great job of counteracting the sugar rush and quieting those giggles so the kids can wind down, relax and get a great night’s sleep.

Halloween is an exciting holiday for the kids and a perfect opportunity for you to capture a few memories while spending good quality time. Halloween allows all of us to be a kid again and Halloween essential oil blends for kids are an easy way to embrace the spirit of the season and reap the amazing benefits the oils have to offer because life’s all about balance. One thing, though, is it seems like kids get way too many treats which is why I like candy free Halloween ideas! Or, if it’s not Halloween, try these fall essential oil blends because your house should always smell nice! 

Enjoy yourself, use some essential oils for Halloween and have a spook-tacular good time and a safe and happy Halloween!

What are you favourite Spooky Halloween Essential Oil Blends For Kids?

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