Healthy Lifestyle – How Parents and Kids Can Be Healthy Together

Looking for some simple tips on how parents and kids can be healthy together? You’ve come to the right place, my friends! Healthy lifestyle works best when you all are on the same boat.

Healthy Lifestyle

Can I be brutally honest with y’all for just a moment? Being a mom who’s doing her best to be healthy, is a job all in itself. Now…I’m not saying I don’t love it. I LOVE every second of every day. What I’m saying is hard is that if I don’t have my family get on the healthy train with me…I’ll liable to get derailed quickly and easily.

Does anyone else have that problem?

I know, I know…it sounds like I’m complaining…but truthfully, in order for me to stay healthy, I need the rest of my crew to be right there with me! (I mean, I can’t be tempted by chicken nuggets forever, right?!)

The good news? I’ve realized that parents and kids can be healthy together. Wanna know my secrets? Happy to share ’em with ya!

Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Families

Getting healthy together as a family is totally a “thing!” Here are some simple tips on how you can make it work for your crew.

Sit down and talk about your goals

Your kids won’t be on board with it if they don’t understand it. Take the time to sit down and talk to them about the importance of being healthy. Most kids don’t have it as a goal to eat junk food, it just tends to happen as lives get busy. If you can let them know the importance of healthy living, you just might be surprised at how willing they are to get on board!

healthy family lifestyle

Make workouts fun!

No matter what the age, it’s easy to admit that working out isn’t all that fun…Guess what? You have the power to change that! As long as you can find a way to make workouts fun, you’ll actually not dread doing them!

And guess what? Any type of movement that you do for your body is good movement. Why not let your kids pick some fun workout moves to incorporate into your daily workout and then do those together as well? Not only will you have fun, but you’ll be “working out” without even truly feeling like you are.

Set an example for them to follow

Did you know that your kids are going to eat whatever you’re eating and whatever you’re putting in front of them? (unless it’s spinach, right?!) If you want your little ones to be healthy with you, you have to be the one to set that example!

Put down the junk food, stop eating late at night and stop turning into the fast food lane when in the car. Show your child that eating healthy and being good to your own body isn’t hard, and they’ll follow suit.

healthy family lifestyle

Create healthy meals together in the kitchen

Kids love to cook! No matter what it is, they love it! Take the initiative and have your kiddos cook in the kitchen with you to create some truly healthy dishes. You’ll be showing them how simple it is to cook and eat healthily and they’ll love being “big” enough to help. Here are 13 Healthy Instant Pot recipes!

Cheer each other on along the way

The best way to be healthy together? Be loud and proud of one another! How cool is it that you can have your own personal cheerleader in your home every second of the day? Talk about a great motivation to stay on the healthy eating track! If you and your kids can cheer each other along and let one another how proud of you are of each other, your healthy journey won’t feel like a chore at all!

These simple tips are just that – 100% simple. You and your kids can be healthy together and kick those unhealthy habits to the curb with ease! Above anything else, have fun being on this journey together!

Do you have any healthy lifestyle habits that you do together as a family?


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