Easy DIY Holiday Room Spray

Y’all. I’m going to get super real with you for a second. My house smells like a foot. Or rather, it smells like my son’s feet.

And it’s just gross. This whole nearly pre-teen who plays really hard and ends up sweaty like he worked out at the gym for 8 hours is getting old.

It wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t leave his smelly, dirty socks all over the freaking house.

I’ve found dirty socks literally everywhere, Y’all.

On the dining room table. On the kitchen floor. In the bathroom (okay, okay, that’s kind of reasonable). In my office. My. OFFICE. In my mudroom.

Basically all over the house. And it’s absolutely disgusting.

But he’s eight, and he doesn’t mean to smell like a foot. Or rather, his feet smell like a stinky, sweaty locker room.

It’s gross.

And I am super over it, so I made a room spray that I use whenever I start to smell something funky.

I used my favorite essential oils in the spray, and it’s been nothing short of magical.

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Holiday Room Spray

Holiday Room Spray

Ingredients For Holiday Room Spray

*Using distilled water is a must for this recipe. The distillation process prevents contamination and spoilage.

Directions for Holiday Room Spray

Gather all of your ingredients, a measuring cup, a funnel, and a glass spray bottle (I used a 16-ounce bottle).

essential oil room spray

Measure out one cup of distilled water into your into your spray bottle. Add the witch hazel next, followed by the pine or fir, frankincense, and grapefruit essential oils.

how to make room spray with essential oilsIf you’re worried, you can mix everything in a glass bowl first, and then transfer it to your spray bottle.

If you want to label your bottle, you can print off a cute label or buy one online.

holly jolly room spray

To use your room spray, lightly mist your room and any soft furniture. You don’t want things soaking wet, just lightly sprayed down.

#Have you used a holiday room spray before?


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