All Natural Homemade Body Products You’ll Love

Summer is in full swing in Michigan, which means I’m wearing a lot more dresses and even some shorts. Summer also means that my arms and legs are seeing the sun… And other people are seeing them too. Which means I need to scrub them, moisturize them, and soak them. I always choose homemade body products if I can.

All Natural Homemade Body Products You’ll Love

Which means I’ve been searching the web for the best homemade body products…and I found a whopping 25 recipes.


All Natural Homemade Body Products You'll LoveDepending on where you’re at in your summer skin prep routine, you may be able to skip exfoliation, but I for one definitely can not afford to skip this important step. If you want to learn about foods that are healthy for your skin, read this!

The world’s best moisturizer isn’t going to help if your skin is dead and dried. I used to think that exfoliation was just for my face…and boy was I wrong. I love my orange coconut sugar scrub, it exfoliates and helps give me the energy to kickstart the day.

Homemade Body Scrubs

Your skin needs help sloughing off dead cells so that it can better absorb the products you put on them (even if they’re homemade). Depending on your mood, you can pick a scent and even if you’d prefer a sugar scrub or a salt scrub.

I’ve tried quite a few of these recipes and they’re all so, so good:

If you have rough cuticles and hands, leaving a small tub of a salt scrub near your sinks is a great way to help gently get them back under control.

I keep a jar of the citrus basil scrub near my kitchen sink and the citrus mint in my master bath so that I can do a quick scrub before I wash with soap.

Homemade Body Butters

After exfoliating I always recommend moisturizing. During the summer I prefer a body butter for application, but you can always grab some jojoba oil and get a very similar result.

I tend to reach for body butters that have a lingering scent (usually because they use essential oils), and these are all delicious smelling (I just made the gingerbread body butter and holy wow is it amazing!):

I like to keep a jar of body butter by each sink so that I can use it as a quick hand salve since we end up playing with lots of messy projects and spend so much time outside during the summer.

Homemade Bath Soaks

I recently purchase a Barre Code membership, and while I’m loving the live class experience, I’m also really, really, really sore. Which means that I’ve been spending some time soaking my tired muscles in the boy’s bathroom.

It’s seriously making me contemplate a master bath remodel…though I don’t know where we’d put a soaking tub.

These bath soaks are amazing not only for tired muscles but also for soothing angry skin (sunburn, anyone?):

I’m really excited to be using all homemade body products this summer. I mean, obviously it helps save us money, but more than that, I know exacty what’s in them so there’s no question.

The boys really love helping me make my “potions” when it’s time to refill. Smalls has informed me that we are definitely making the “Laffy Taffy” bath salts next.

How about you?

Which homemade body products are you excited to make?


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