How NOT To Pack For Disney World

Y’all may recall that Smalls got his Wish to go to Disney World last week. You also may recall that I’m a leg short, which means that my grand plans to have a clean house, everything packed well ahead of time, and a calm weekend were basically nonexistent.

Packing for Disney World was kind of a disaster...

I had dreams of taking 2 weeks to perfectly pack our suitcases. We would have the perfect amount of socks, and Smalls could actually find his underwear. I’d fold and pack the boys’ clothes in one suitcase and everything else (including the awesome toiletries that I’d been able to secure at target) would go in the large suitcase.

I’d even be able to bring my favorite yoga mat, unBLOK, and my yoga fan. This was going to be the best vacation ever….

Want to know what really happened?

Nothing. I need to keep my leg elevated or my toes turn blue, and I kind of suck at crutches, so all the cleaning that I planned to do wasn’t going to happen. Which means that Ish had to step in. I can’t vacuum, so I’ve been relying on my hand vac, which is awesome, but not intended for cleaning the entire carpet.

I can’t mop, so we’ve been spot cleaning. And bathrooms? Well, I almost fell into the tub trying to bathe the kids. So that’s out. Thank God for awesome husbands.

As for packing? I had planned to have Smalls help me (he’s been begging), but it’s slightly harder when I take an hour (okay, okay, fine. 10 minutes) to get from one room to the next (navigating through the toy obstacle course, y’all. American Ninja Warrior better watch out.).

Instead of getting every thing done over the course of 2 weeks and enjoying some relaxing weekends, we packed frantically the day before we left. Ish started the laundry, and then changed it over, and then started it again. He made an awesome lunch, then turned right around and made dinner.

And then he started cleaning. He cleaned the bathrooms, dusted, and then vacuumed and mopped the floors. And he kept my ice pack cold, which was awesome. Me? I sat, then I moved to a new room and sat. My right leg is getting stronger, but still isn’t quite there. It’s hard to stand for more than a little bit at a time.

We managed to get pack-and I only felt the need to yell twice. But we did it. We got our snacks set, our Disney shirts, my skirts, and underwear and socks for the boys. Henry will have pants and shoes to wear, and Smalls won’t be naked. Ish dismantled my shower chair, got my cast cover (water rides and showers!), and even found some disposable ice packs so that I’m not in pain while we’re at the parks.

I’m thankful that Ish packed himself, because honestly I didn’t remember to ask.

What is packing for a big trip like at your house?

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