How to Eat Healthy On the Go

Tomorrow morning (really, really early because I’m not very smart), I’ll be leaving Michigan to fly to Florida. And I’m at the tail end of my #januarywhole30. This means that I need to look for whole foods not only at Disney World but also in multiple airports, and while on a work-cation. Because my trip is part work and part play…get it? No? Fine. Either way I need to figure out how to eat healthy on the go.

How to Eat Healthy On the Go

Anyway. This is the longest that I’ve managed to stick to a Whole30 since my first round. I’ve had lots of “whole 7s” and “whole 10s”…but this is the first (or second) time I’ll have completed a real Whole30. And I’m excited. I can tell I’m losing (I actually had to pack pants a whole size smaller than I wore at Christmas!), but because I’m not weighing myself until February 1st, I don’t know how many pounds I’m actually down.

I’d venture to guess 10-15, but we’ll have to wait and see (and yes, I’ll do a weigh in next week and share some thoughts about reintroduction after I’ve figured out how it’s working for me). Unlike my first Whole30, I decided not to document things this time.

Why I couldn’t eat healthy on the go before

I think that the pressure to take photos of all of my food and meals was just overwhelming and made it feel too much like a fad…too much like a diet.

And I want to make sure that this isn’t just a fad or a stunt to get more eyeballs. I want this way of eating to be an all the time, or most of the time kind of thing.

Which is kind of weird when you consider that I make my living online by being seen. But back to what I was talking about. This week I’m flying to Florida. Where it’s not -1 degree and snowing.

I’ve packed my bag, and now I’m stressing about eating on the go…and not falling off the wagon, so to speak.

I’ve traveled while maintaining a healthy diet before, but this time it feels…different. I can’t really explain it. Maybe I’m more motivated by my birthday or my progress (I mean, down a whole jean size, y’all!!).

Whatever the motivation, I’m determined to stay the course and give this 30 full days.

how to eat healthy on the go

How to Eat Healthy On the Go

Sure, I could pack my ProMixx and pre-measure shakes, but I really don’t want to be that person with a huge purse.

Plus, but ProMixx is great, but it’s kind of bulky, and I wanted to leave some room in my suitcase for souvenirs. I’m also trying to pack lighter this trip…but that is only partially working.

Pack a Collapsible Water Bottle

One of the first things that I packed was a collapsible silicone water bottle. You can’t go through TSA with liquids, and bottled water is expensive whether you’re at the airport, at a hotel, or at a theme park.

The fact that I can fit my bottle into my purse easily is enough of a reason to bring it.

While I’m at Disney World, I’ll be filling my bottle in my hotel room, and then refilling it with ice (which is FREE) while in the park. When I’m done with my water, I can collapse my bottle and toss in in my bag for tomorrow.

Considering that a bottle of water (a 20-ounce bottle) is $2.50 at the parks, I’ll be getting enough water and saving some money that I can use on pressed pennies and quarters.

Bring Non-Perishable Snacks

Look for whole food bars, such as Larabars or RX Bars and toss a few in your bag. These are easy to transport and usually stand up to a security search quite easily.

If you want, consider bringing a few apples (they transport easily, and if you bring Pink Ladies, they won’t bruise too badly if they get bumped), tangerines, or even freeze-dried fruit.

Pack Protein

And I’m not talking about bars.

I am a huge fan of freeze-dried foods, and I always pack freeze dried fruits and veggies. This time I’ll be bringing some freeze-dried meats as well. They rehydrate quickly in boiling water, and I made sure my hotel would have a coffee maker.

I just run the coffee maker without a filter or coffee and have hot, delicious chicken or beef that packs incredibly easily.

If you don’t have access to freeze-dried meats, consider packing some paleo jerky or EPIC bars.

Make Reservations

Upon reading some menus online, I found that I definitely would not be able to eat just anywhere. Eating whole food based meals requires careful planning, and even some calling ahead. So that’s what I did. I chose Be Our Guest for lunch on my second day in the park because I can have their pork chop and cauliflower puree.

Planning ahead works, so decide where you want to eat, and then make a reservation if it’s at all possible.

Choose Your Meals Ahead of Time

Many restaurants (in fact all of the restaurants at Disney World) put their menus online or in an app. For Disney World, you can download the app and review the menu of any restaurant right on your phone.

Make sure that there is at least one meal that you can eat, guilt-free.

Spend on Breakfast or Lunch, Not Dinner

Eating healthy can be expensive if you’re eating out for 3 meals a day (plus snacks!). I plan to eat a larger lunch, when the protein portion is going to be a bit larger than breakfast, and not nearly as expensive as dinner.

If you’re making reservations, book your lunch for later in the afternoon so that you can bridge the gap between breakfast and dinner a little easier, and plan on munching on a protein bar in the afternoon or early evening.

If lunch won’t work (for me it won’t while I’m in the air), grab an omelette or hard boiled eggs (or bring some from home if you’re able) to make sure that you’re eating right from the start. Then spread healthy snacks throughout your day to keep your energy up and your stomach happy.

Go Shopping

If you can.

Sit down meals can be super expensive, especially if you’re staying at a resort or attending an event. If you can, choose a hotel close to a grocery, and grab some roasted meat or even deli slices.

If you don’t want to travel with fresh produce, this is a great way to stock up, especially if you find yourself lucky enough to have a fridge in your room.

Indulge Smart

For me, this means no bread. Gluten makes me feel like I have the flu, so as tempting as those Mikey pretzels are, I can’t have them.

So if you know what foods make you feel bad, just avoid them. That doesn’t mean that I can’t have a real Dole Whip, though. I am totally going to indulge, just in a way that won’t make me feel like I should have just stayed home.

So. that’s it. If you plan ahead and shift your largest meal, you should be able to eat healthily, feel great, and still enjoy your trip.

How do you eat healthy on the go?

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