How to Fight The Flu

I keep seeing articles about entire schools being closed due to a flu outbreak. You guys, I’d seriously like to lock my family in our house for the rest of the winter. We’ll see you in April, okay?

Thankfully we’ve all stayed healthy so far, thanks to the precautions we’ve taken as a family. But it seems like everyone I know is dealing with the flu, strep, or at the very least, a yucky cold. If you find yourself in this camp, first – I’m so sorry! Second, use the tips below to help kick it to the curb a little faster.


First Things First

If one of your crew has come down with the crud, run – don’t walk – over to the cabinet where you store your Young Living Essential Oils and add 6-8 drops of Thieves and Purification to your diffuser. Then turn it on. Why? This combo fights bacteria and I swear it works! Getting it going quickly can help stop the spread of illness to the rest of your family.

If you don’t yet have oils, you can grab your starter kit here (make sure you choose express shipping).


The best thing you can do to fight a cold or the flu is to rest and let your immune system do its job. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try diffusing a few drops each of Lavender and Peace & Calming oils. If symptoms are keeping you awake, read on.  I’ve got some natural solutions for those at the end of this post.

Make sure you don’t overdo it when you do start to feel better! Try to take it easy until you’re feeling back to 100%.

Push Fluids

We all know how important staying hydrated is, but when you’ve got a sore throat or upset stomach, it can be hard to force yourself (or convince your kids) to drink enough. If you’re worried about dehydration, set an alarm to remind yourself to drink a little every 15 minutes. 

If you’re like me, you’ll drink way more water if you have a cute water bottle.

And while water is generally the best fluid, I let this slide when my little ones are sick. A low sugar juice or even herbal tea can be more appealing to drink when your throat is feeling scratchy. You can even try fruit infused water for the kiddos especially if you know they love fruit. 

Take a Steamy Shower

For stuffed up or runny noses and congested heads, a steamy shower will help clear out the sinuses. If you’ve got a little one who doesn’t like taking a shower yet, close the bathroom door, shove a towel under it, and try to get the bathroom as steamy as possible.

Draw an Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom Salt is great for detoxing the body and helping those germs clear faster. Plus, soaking in a warm tub is soothing to achy muscles. In a full bath add 1 cup of Epsom salt, a half cup of baking soda, and lower yourself in.

Make Chicken Soup

What did your mom make you when you were sick? I can safely bet most of you answered “Chicken Soup!” Besides the nostalgia, there’s scientific evidence that chicken soup can help ease symptoms of a cold or flu. Seriously. And since my mom doesn’t live here, it’s blessedly easy to make your own. 

Not Your Mom’s Chicken Soup

Grab your Instant Pot.

Add all of your ingredients, and close the lid, as well as the pressure valve. Select the “soup” setting. That’s it! Allow the pressure to release naturally and enjoy.

If you’re like my kids, you’ll want noodles. That’s fine. Add your preferred noodle to the instant pot

The hot broth helps dilate your stuffy nose and throat allowing all the mucus to flow more freely (so grab some tissues!). Plus, a broth based soup helps you sneak a little more hydration, which helps thin the mucous as well.

Let’s skip the chemical laden canned soups you’ll find on the shelf at your local supermarket, though. 

I hope you are able to avoid the flu this year. But if it strikes, these tips should help make it a little more bearable for everyone.

Which flu-stopping tip are you most excited to try?

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