How to Find Motivation When It’s Gone

Learn how to find motivation when you feel like you have none? If you find that you’re doubting everything going on, rest easy knowing it’s still possible to find motivation when it’s gone.

how to get motivated

These simple tips can help you find that burst of sudden positivity that you’ve been seeking!

First off, I feel your pain. Some days, I’m on the struggle bus when it comes to being motivated to do ANYTHING. And as a mom, that makes it that much more difficult because not only am I responsible for myself, I have to be motivated for my little ones, too.

Double the pressure.

And another little secret? Early in the morning, I tend to be my own worst enemy. The snooze button on my alarm clock tempts me daily, and sometimes…I fall for its little tricks.

But honestly, for the most part, I’ve come to realize that I do hold the power in making my own choices and finding my own motivation. I’ve actually found peace in the fact that I’m human and some days just suck…but I know this because internally, I’m in a good motivational place.

Ready to join me in this mind frame? Here are some simple tips on how to find motivation when it’s gone!

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How to Find Motivation

These tips and thoughts have worked for me, so I’m hoping that they’ll work for you as well.

  • Take every single day one day at a time

I often find that when I become overwhelmed, my lack of motivation follows shortly thereafter. If my to-do list for the week is staring me in the face, I *might* be guilty of doing nothing on it because I feel as though I’m in over my head before I even begin.

Be good to yourself. Don’t overload your schedule or your time. While it is possible to get a ton of stuff done each and every day, it’s also important to carve out some time for you to relax as well.

Who says that you have to do 15 things every day on your to-do list? Of times, the unrealistic goals that we have set for ourselves are because we’ve put a ton of pressure on our own shoulders for no good reason at all.

how to find motivation in life

  • Plan a day for just you

DO IT! It’s 100% fine for you to take a day to do anything and everything that you want to do. Spa day, library day, a day at the pool…all you, no distractions. Have a family member or friend take the reigns of watching the kids, and head out the door to find your motivation.

And don’t just do this here and there. This needs to be a regular thing for you. Your mind and your motivation NEED this to happen so don’t make excuses for it not to. Even if it is sitting by the water, reading a good book! That is always a win for me.

  • Laugh at the things out of your control

Life is full of ups and downs. No matter your age, your income, your location…it’s all one big roller coaster. And sometimes, the best thing that we can do, is laugh. Laugh at the sad, the hard, the good, the bad, and the ugly…because when you laugh, it releases something in your brain that makes you realize that everything can and will be okay.

Did you start off your day by putting the milk in the cupboard instead of the fridge and didn’t find it till about 6 hours later? Hilarious. Or what about the fact that you ran out of gas on your way to the gym? Been there, done that.

Laughter not only helps you let go of the things that you’re holding onto, but it triggers you to see the positive in the situation as well.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Last, but not least, allow yourself to ask for help. This is a hard one, I know…but so very important. When you feel like you can’t get anything done, find someone that can help you accomplish the tasks at hand.

Use the strength of others to help you when you’re feeling weak. (and when you get back on your feet, don’t forget to return the favor when they need it)

Opening up your mind to realize that others can help you find your motivation is one of the most important steps to remember.

Don’t fret! These simple steps for finding your motivation are easy enough that anyone can do them! Be good to yourself, and your motivation will find you as well!

How to Find MotivationHow do you find motivation when you feel you are struggling to find it?

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