How to Gain Weight Fast

Maybe your friends envy you when you tell them that you have to add some weight. But you may have already known that gaining weight can be a bit harder than you thought. It’s much trickier especially if you want to do it in a healthy way.

how to gain weight

You may want to eat food containing calories but you cannot just eat any kind of junk food because you want to gain weight. If you want to gain weight fast, you should know about calories and the amount that you body needs. Knowing the exact amount of calories that your body needs is the most important step towards gaining weight.

What Are Calories And How Much Do You Need?


Basically, a calorie is the measure of the amount of energy that you have spent. An average woman requires at least 2000 calories daily in order to maintain the correct weight. If you want to gain weight quickly, it’s, therefore, very important to take more than 2000 calories.

The number of calories in the food is actually a measure of the energy contained in that food. This is because they are normally extracted from the food that we consume. If you eat 1 gram of fat, the body will only take 9 calories from it.

This means if you are burning exactly the same amount of calories that you eat, you are neither gaining weight nor losing any. It’s, therefore, very important to eat more calories than your body needs.

How To Gain Weight Fast For Women

Normally, there are many ways through which women can gain weight and each way comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The main ways of gaining weight include diet, exercise, and eating the right supplements.

1. Diet

When it comes to gaining weight fast for women, diet is the most important thing. Eating well is a major requirement if you want to gain fast. You need the right kinds of drinks and foods especially the ones that contain the required amount of nutrients and calories.

It’s actually important to have an excess supply of calories. Through this, you will burn some calories and still remain with some to help with your weight gaining plans. The best strategy to use is to consume a well-balanced diet that contains all the requirements that you need for a healthy functioning body.

It’s advisable to eat complex carbohydrates and lean proteins to gain weight faster and in the healthiest way. Your food combination should be nutritious and full of calories.

On a positive note, you should know the amount of calories that your body needs. This is when you will understand the correct steps to take so as to gain weight faster. Ensure that you make a list of all the foods that you normally take and the amount of calories in them.

Also, divide the number of calories by seven to get the average. Once you have done this, make proper adjustments to your diet to include foods with more calories. Although junk foods are the number one sources of calories, they are not recommended because they are not only temporary but they are also not the healthiest way to gain weight.

Some of the best food products to eat include bananas, coconut, corn, pasta, bread, dried fruits, pasta among others.

You should also focus on eating at least 3 meals a day and snack in between. It’s advisable to eat at least 6 times per day or eating after every 3 hours. While taking snacks ensure that they are small enough so that you will be able to eat comfortably during your next eating time.

Avoid eating snacks that will make you full so that you do not have any room for more food. The best thing to do is to consume small quantities of snacks.

2. Train Well

While training is very important when it comes to gaining weight, you should not on an empty stomach. Before going for your regular training, try eating at least three meals. If you only need to train in the morning ensure that you eat the heaviest meal for breakfast.

The best time for this is after your workout. It’s also vital to know that for your body to gain weight you not only needs carbohydrates, proteins, and fats but also vitamins and minerals. You must, therefore, give it the raw materials that it needs.

The best way to take care of these is to focus on eating whole natural foods during training. You should also not forget about the best workout supplements for women

3. Supplements

If you are trying to gain weight faster, taking supplements is also a great idea. While consuming a well-balanced diet is advisable, taking the correct supplements will ensure that you gain weight faster. One of the reasons why many underweight women find it hard to gain weight is because their bodies cannot absorb enough nutrients from the foods that they eat.

They could be taking the best foods but their bodies are not absorbing the much-needed calories and nutrients. Taking supplements is, therefore, important to help your body absorb nutrients and gain weight. They are actually like catalysts that help your body to absorb nutrients. If you want to gain fast, it’s important to take them. However, ensure that you have chosen the best.

As a woman when you look great, you also feel good and you become confident. Because of this, it’s very important to have the right weight for your body. Although it might be challenging at first, with commitment and guidelines you can actually gain weight within a very short time.

Some of the top 3 ways of gaining weight for woman include eating the correct diet, exercising and using the best supplements. It’s also important to know what calories are and the correct amount that your body needs. Do not forget about the best workout supplements for women.

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