How to Halloween Without Over Doing It!

At one time or another, there is a time where we have overdone it on Halloween night. We could try to ignore it, but really? The temptation and desire for chocolate (or basically anything with sugary goodness) are aplenty this time of year. Halloween treats are available in every store, at every corner.

So, what can we do to “Halloween without overdoing it?”

overdoing it on Halloween

Halloween Control

The first step is to not ignore it. Like it or not, you are likely to have a craving for salts or sweets.  Every. Single. Year. On the exact. Same. Day. Instead of running from Halloween and its treats,  you need to embrace Halloween and all its gloriousness.

But it IS about CONTROL!!

I know! Easier said than done! 

But it is possible to avoid overdoing it on Halloween!

One of the largest factors contributing to going overboard on Halloween (or Christmas for that matter!), is either consciously or subconsciously, convincing ourselves that somehow if we do not get it NOW we will be left behind.

Like we will miss some great opportunity of inclusion, or moment that we will never get to experience again. So, how do we Halloween without going overboard and ending up with a chocolate or chip and soda pop hangover the next day?

How to Halloween without going overboard: Preparation


Moderate yourself.

Accept that; like a wine a day, it is better to allow yourself small treats in minimal ways instead overdoing it on Halloween and overtaking the entire bowl! Train your body to understand that a small bar is okay and a bag of small bars is not. Oh, and if you can remind yourself that the chocolate will still be there tomorrow that can help too! But, we need to consider Halloween evening and what it will look like for us.

How to Halloween without going overboard: Training for the Day

If we consider how many days are left until Halloween, then we can see we have a great deal of opportunity left to get ready. First, if you are going to overindulge, have plenty of the fruits and veggies that you love. Often times overindulging is related to the boredom of waiting for the next ghoul to show up at the door or hurrying between work and getting our own families ready!

With this time until Halloween, prep your favorite meal. This has a two-fold purpose. Planning what foods to eat that day (Tuesday this year!), means you will look forward to your favorite planned meal, MORE than you would if it was running home to order pizza. It will also help you have more control over your habits that day!

Controlling Tuesday, October 31, 2017, is the first step to not only the holiday season but to Halloween without overdoing it for the holiday season.

What are your tips to avoid overdoing it on Halloween?


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