Keep White Shoes Fierce

I’m a shoe girl. Always have been. So when Puma asked to sponsor an honest review of their Fierce shoe line, I jumped at the chance. I mean, they’re shoes. Let’s take a look at the specs on these real quick, shall we? Puma’s Fierce shoe has a very different shape-it’s what they call a “demi-cut bootie”, which means that they have no laces, are pull on, and are “high top” with cut outs. I just hoped they weren’t white shoes.

They are made with an ARIAPRENE upper, which feels a lot like rubber but breathes (which is really important when you live in Texas). I was also super impressed by their flatlock sitching, which means there are no seams to rub your feet if you wear them barefoot (or with super thin no-show socks like I do).

I also love that there are pivot points in the toe and heel if you feel like wearing these during a dance workout (like TA Dance Cardio or Zumba). Basically, the pivot points allow you far more freedom of movement than with a traditional flat sole.

So, after much research, when they arrived at my doorstep, I stopped everything (seriously) and practically ripped them out of the box.

They were WHITE

I’ll let that sink in for a hot minute (literally. It’s 96 degrees here today.). Since childhood, I have avoided white shoes like the plague…because when I wear them, they’re white for exactly 90 seconds until I fall (grass stain), or trip (scuff), or a child (mine) steps on them with their grubby shoes.

Then they end up kind of white. Now, I don’t dislike white shoes, in fact, I think they are amazing, but I’ve never been talented enough to own them. Until now.

How to Keep Your White Shoes Fierce

Apparently, PUMA has a huge level of trust in me. Huge. Because the minute I put them on, and stepped outside….

Let’s be honest here. They didn’t step anywhere but my freshly washed carpet. Because I can’t afford to wash them every day, I did what any girl would do-I called my mom. 

Keep Your White Shoes Fierce

After a few minutes of histrionics, I calmed down enough to explain my predicament. I had been given a pair of white shoes, and I was expected to wear them outside of my house.

This is not a drill, MOM!

Thankfully, she’s the levelheaded one in our family, and had a plan. I needed to treat them with protection stuff so that they wouldn’t get super dirty or yellow. Okay, great. But what if it doesn’t work? 

Her answer? Then toss them in the washing machine with some Oxiclean on delicate and line dry. Now why didn’t I think of that? Oh yeah, because I was freaking out that someone put enough faith in my ability to stay dirt free to send me white shoes.

So, here’s what I did. You ready? I went out and bought a can of Scotchguard. Now, I’ve heard about “nano” technology and “stain repellant” items that can be applied to shoes (and appear to be made just for shoes…but the reviews were very mixed.

Plus, my mom said it’s the one that she used when I was a kid that one summer that I had a pair of white shoes (they stayed relatively stain free, but I’m sure it was a lot of work on her end. Thanks, Mom!).

Staying Fierce (& White!)

Two weeks later my shoes are still white. I’m shocked, but happy. These shoes are super comfortable and super easy to slip on. And if you’ve got kids to get out the door, you definitely need something that is cute and comfortable that takes less than 10 seconds to pull on.

This makes me incredibly happy because I really like them. They are super comfy and lightweight, which is important when you are constantly on the run. I started a new training program that takes me 20 or 30 minutes each day, and they are definitely holding up to lots of skater squats and curtsey lunges.

I am actually considering getting the rose gold or black pair now….

What do you think of the Puma Fierce?

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  1. Dave Alce on April 29, 2020 at 2:11 am

    Keeping white shoe white is kind of challenging. After reading your way to keep white show white I was amused and kind of like it. Thanks for shareing.

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