How To Make Fitness Fun For The Whole Family

Winter kind of sucks if you’re not into skiing, doesn’t it? I wanted to share how to make fitness fun for the whole family. Indoors and out. 

As if working out wasn’t hard has to snow. Which seems like the perfect excuse to pull on some comfy leggings (guilty) and live in tunics (guilty again).

Last year, I surprised myself by dropping over 30 pounds during the winter months, and this year, I’m on track to beat that record.

Which is pretty cool. And it got me thinking.

We all know that getting enough exercise is important for our health, but many of us don’t take the necessary steps to make a lifestyle change and make fitness an important part of our regular routine.

Half of the struggle is the fact that nobody looks forward to the idea of another exhausting, boring workout.

Fortunately, working out and getting fit doesn’t have to be a struggle – it can actually be a ton of fun. And the best part? There are plenty of ways to easily get the whole family involved and have a blast while breaking a sweat.

how to make fitness fun

Learn How To Make Fitness Fun For Every Family Member

Build an Obstacle Course

Have you ever watched American Ninja Warrior or another similar obstacle-based show? My kiddos are totally obsessed with it. 

And I’ll be honest it looks like a lot of fun. Which is why we encourage the kids to set up obstacle courses.

During the warmer months, we set things up in our backyard, but in the winter, we get a bit more creative and do smaller, less “crazy”, courses in the basement.

If this appeals to you, a quick Google search will give you plenty of inspiration and ideas – it all depends on how much money and time you want to put into it and how extravagant you want to be.

For bonus points, you can time each member of your family as they navigate the course and post your scores on the fridge to serve as motivation for next time!

Get Outside

Even if it’s snowing. Go on a walk, pull a sled, or better yet, ride one down a hill and hike back up.

In warmer weather, you can also pull out your bikes and have a blast, or go hiking on local trails. Our kiddos are only able to do about 4 to 5 miles at a stretch now, but as they get older, we can tackle harder trails and take a longer rides. Or even rock climb, that is an adrenaline rush.

Don’t forget to pack water, even if you’re surrounded by snow! Dehydration doesn’t care that it’s 18 degrees outside.

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Dance Your Pants Off

In our house, we have a rule that if you’re in a bad mood you have to dance to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” (the whole song) before you’re allowed to continue to spread gloom to everyone else in the house.

Thankfully, my kiddos (and I) love to dance. And, dancing is a great way to burn some extra energy. The mood boost you get is just bonus points, y’all.

If your kiddos seem reluctant, offer to let them choose the music, or blast some of your favorites and get started without them. I promise you that they’ll eventually join in. It’s just way too much fun not to!

If you really want to get your techy kid motivated, you can ask them to record the action and make a music video to laugh at later.

For those with super competitive kiddos (I feel you, mama!), see who can come up with the most creative (and calorie-burning!) moves.

Fitness should be fun, y’all.

And making fitness fun for the whole family shouldn’t be a serious challenge.

By looking for ways you can all break a sweat together doing the things you already love to do, you won’t even feel like you’re exercising.

Look into the different ways you can make fitness and workout out a more enjoyable experience for your family. You will be amazed by the improvements you see in your health, your mood, and your overall wellbeing.

What are your favorite unconventional workouts?

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