How To Make Money Blogging: 4 Essential Tips

If you have a blog, likely you’ve wondered how you can make money blogging. I get it. I’ve been there. And it’s taken me awhile to get my blog to where I can actually say that I make a {small} profit. But it didn’t come overnight-and it certainly did not come easy.

How To Make Money Blogging- 4 Essential Tips You Need to Implement NOW (TODAY! RIGHT THIS SECOND!)

Increase Your Followers

Starting a blog certainly isn’t easy-far from it. Many opportunities and networks have rules about how many page views, social media followers, or newsletter subscribers you have. Some even require that you post a minimum¬†number of times each week.

If you have a blog, but feel like you are just plain stuck, look for other {successful} bloggers in your niche and reach out to them. Offer to write a guest post and cross promote their website.

You could also do a group or joint giveaway through your blog or on social media. Now, this doesn’t mean you’ll go from zero to millions of viewers overnight. Far from it. You need fans-followers that will open your newsletter, look to you for advice, and look forward to your posts.

Until you get there, you need to at least get your name out there. It’s all about networking…and who you know.

Find An Expert

I have been blogging a long time-almost 6 years, but I got serious last March, when I decided to look to someone more successful than me.

I invested in my future and worked hard to grow my traffic, but it really wasn’t going anywhere. And then I had the opportunity to take a free course on blogging, and it’s available again! If you want to make money and have a successful blog, go take this course first (it’s free!).

With the tools I learned from Ruth, I went from 10,000 monthly views to over 20,000 views in just a few months. I’m now nearing 30,000, and the growth just continues. Take a few minutes. It’s worth your time.

How To Make Money Blogging- 4 Essential Tips You Need to Implement NOW (TODAY! RIGHT THIS SECOND!)

Join Promotion Networks

Activate by BlogLovin’

Many bloggers have used Sverve, and loved them. Sverve was recently acquired by Bloglovin’, one of my favorite places to read other bloggers (if you aren’t using it for this purpose, do it now!).¬†You can apply for an account with Activate here.

SITS Girls

I love Massive Sway. It’s inclusive, though the campaigns are hit and miss-sometimes they’re open to anyone, sometimes you have to have at least 10,000 Twitter followers. But they email you when new campaigns are available and you just have to apply. I love them, and have worked with them on a few occassions. Payment usually takes 60-90 days. Apply here.

Acorn Influence

I love Acorn. I have worked with them twice, and they sent me a little present in the mail both times (once it was an acorn that I now use in my fall decor, and I received a blog planner for my most recent campaign). Acorn paid me within 60 days of publication, which is fairly quick! Join Acorn Influence here.

Clever Girls

Clever Girls is one of my favorites, but it’s also one of the hardest networks to get accepted to. I applied four (!!) times before I was accepted. When they first rejected my application, I emailed them and requested feedback, listened to their advice, and made adjustments…again, and again, and again. They work with huge brands, and if you can get in, you’ll have a lot to apply for! Apply to be part of the Clever Girls Collective here.


I love Becky and Holly. They are both wildly successful bloggers in their own right, and they understand both sides of the coin. There is no application process to join B2B, but you will need to fill out a profile to apply for their “jobs” here.


I have a certain fondness for Izea, as they gave me my very first ‘sponsored post’. It was a Twitter blast, and I made $20 for typing up less than 120 characters. It was a win/win. You can join Izea here.


Linquia is an amazing way to start earning money as a blogger. They match campaigns to YOU. Making it easier for you to work with brands and opportunities that you are genuinely excited about. Apply for Linquia here.

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How To Make Money Blogging- 4 Essential Tips You Need to Implement NOW (TODAY! RIGHT THIS SECOND!)

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