How To Make Your Blog Stand Out

If you are a blogger, you know all too well how overwhelming it can feel to juggle the day-to-day demands of writing a blog with the big-picture strategy of creating a profitable business-let alone figuring out how to make your blog stand out in a sea of literally millions of other blogs.

And if you are anything like me, at some point you have probably wished you could find someone to guide you through the process of creating a successful blog, someone who would just tell you, step by step, what you needed to do to grow your traffic and make more money.

How To Make Your Blog Stand Out In The Crowd, and Make MONEY doing it!

That is exactly what Elite Blog Academy was designed to do.

Last year I decided to take a chance and enroll in the Elite Blog Academy course. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I would learn anything new, but I was willing to take the chance because I knew that something wasn’t working.

When Smalls got sick, I quit everything. Granted, I was blogging more as a hobby at that point anyway, but life just stopped. As he improved, I knew I needed something, anything to give me a project to focus on. And I needed to lose the 60 pounds I’d gained. BreaGettingFit helped me once-it kept me accountable, and I enjoyed it.

Except this time, I wanted to actually make my blog my business. But it’s just not that easy! I was posting 7 days a week, sometimes more, and not seeing any growth. I didn’t have an email list (I didn’t know I should!), my social media sucked, and I felt like I was never going to get anywhere.

And then I saw Ruth’s post about Elite Blog Academy. And let me tell you, I am so glad I did! In the time since I started Elite Blog Academy, I have completely changed the way I approach blogging.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you remember my makeover. I needed to clean things up, make them professional, and start using a blogging calendar. I needed to approach how I served my content differently, too.

I’ve grown my email newsletter from NOTHING to over 600 subscribers in less than a year. I’ve added calls to action to over 80 percent of my posts. I’ve revamped and grown my Pinterest page, and am currently focusing on my Facebook Page to help increase interaction. I also achieved my 2015 goal of Young Living Silver because of Ruth’s principles!

And I’m getting asked to be a brand promoter, landing sponsored posts, and having a blast doing it. Yes, I have a lot of growth left, but that’s a good thing!

Is EBA right for you?

It really depends.

Elite Blog Academy is for people who are committed to following the process. As a member of EBA, I’ve noticed that the thing the most successful graduates have in common is a willingness to roll up their sleeves and get to work, and to put 100% of their effort into completing the assignments in order.

If the commitment isn’t there, then this is not the right program for you.

It’s also not for people who are going to insist that they’ve already heard this all before.

If you are going to argue that a task seems too basic or whine that it’s too hard, then EBA is not for you. 

EBA is not for bloggers who just want to just “skip to the good stuff” picking and choosing the lessons they pay attention to, then complaining when they’re not getting results.

The EBA process is designed to create success, but it only works if you are willing to commit to actually doing the work.

What’s included with EBA?

Through a powerful combination of practical training videos, insightful handouts, purposeful assignments, and interactive live webinars, Elite Blog Academy will provide you with a concrete framework intended to help you refine your message, grow your audience, monetize your platform, and transform your blog into a successful and profitable business.

Make your blog stand out:

  • Eliminate blog confusion by creating an organized framework that sets the stage for everything you do.
  • Create killer content that gets noticed and shared.
  • Discover the secret to harnessing Pinterest, the most powerful free marketing tool in the world.
  • Understand what is not working in your current monetization model and instead develop concrete goals and a solid plan for achieving them.
  • Dramatically increase your site’s passive income by mastering the four key strategies of optimizing ad network revenue.
  • Take advantage of the critical—but often ignored—connection between SEO and ad revenue.
  • Overcome your fear of private advertising and instead learn to approach brands with confidence.
  • Learn what it really takes to earn a six-figure income from your blog, then develop your own product along with a successful marketing plan to sell it.
  • Create a solid working business plan to take your blogging business to the next level.

It is possible to create a successful business from a blog, and Elite Blog Academy shares exactly how it’s done, step-by-step.

EBA Includes:

  • 12 Comprehensive Unit Videos
  • 12 Detailed Unit Workbooks with Video Outlines
  • 16 Powerful Handouts
  • 30 Purposeful Assignments
  • Additional Training Webinars
  • Accountability & Community within a Private Forum
  • An EBA mobile app to access the forum on the go
  • A weekly newsletter for added encouragement & motivation

Elite Blog Academy is designed to be self-paced, but should not be completed in less than 12 weeks.

Blogging is not for the faint of heart, and this course requires a willingness to buckle down and get to work. That said, for those who are willing to do the work, it also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Anyone who completes the course and has not seen measurable results in both traffic and income growth will get your money back, no questions asked. That’s a pretty incredible promise, but it means that you’ve literally got nothing to lose.

Enrollment for Elite Blog Academy is extremely limited, and will only be open for five days, beginning today! If you are ready to finally take your blog to the next level, sign up now to secure your spot! (And if you enroll by tomorrow at 11:59pm, you will also get access to a free Early Bird Bonus–the Daily Productivity Guide for Bloggers, which looks pretty cool!)


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