How to Package Bath Salts | Handmade Bath Salt Packaging Ideas

Bath salts are quick and easy to make at home. The secret to turning simple bath salts into a great looking gift is in the packaging. Attractive packaging will transform even the most basic of bath salts into a much appreciated gift that takes pride of place in the bathroom.

How to Package Bath Salts

Bath salts can be packaged in many ways. Here are some ideas for packaging handmade bath salts:


One of the best ways to package bath salts is in glass jars. While new glass jars can be purchased from stores, recycling glass jars is both environmentally friendly and low cost. Recycling glass jars also is a good way to obtain a wide range of styles and sizes as baby food jars through to preserve jars are all suitable for use. The key requirements for using glass jars for packaging bath salts is that that jars are clean, thoroughly dry and have an air tight lid. Glass jars are easy to decorate with glass paints, ribbons and beads.

Cellophane Bags –

Crisp cellophane bags are ideal for presenting bath salts. Cellophane bags look stylish and display the bath salts well, giving a professional looking finish. Bags also have the added benefit of being lightweight and non-shattering, which can be useful if the bath salts are being posted to the recipient. Dress up plain cellophane bags with ribbons and other embellishments.

Boxes and Bags –

Many different boxes and bags can be used to package bath salts. Handmade cardboard boxes make good packaging and these are ideal for embellishing with ribbons and other adornments.

Fabric –

Small fabric bags are easy to sew from scraps of fabric and these are another good way to package bath salts. A quick alternative is simply to tie the bath salts into a square of fabric. When tied with ribbons this makes a very attractive gift.

Note: When wrapping bath salts in paper, fabric or other containers that are not airtight it is best to place the bath salts inside a plastic bag first. This keeps them dry and helps to preserve the fragrance.

Tips for Packaging Handmade Bath Salts

Here are some tips for creating great looking gifts though the clever packaging of bath salts:

         Try layering different colored bath salts to create an attractive finish. In addition to layering the bath salts horizontally, try holding the jar or bag diagonally to achieve different looks.

         Make handmade labels to add to the jar, bag or box. These add to the handmade feel of the gift while also giving important information about ingredients. Labels can be created from stickers or made as tags which can be hung from the jar or bag.

         Coordinate the color of the decorations with the fragrance or style of the bath salts, for instance purple or mauve for lavender fragrance and pink and red for rose fragrance.

         Make a gift basket by combining handmade bath salts with other bath time treats.

Attractive packaging turns this simple handmade gift idea into a present that will be much appreciated.

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  1. Suzanne on June 12, 2021 at 5:19 am

    I have read not to put the bath salts into glass jars due to a build up of carbon dioxide causing them to explode, is this true? I have just made several and put them in glass jars for sale and now I am concerned.

    • Karen on December 30, 2021 at 12:14 pm

      What chemical or ingredient is putting off large amounts of carbon dioxide? It’s no different than having salt in a jar.

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