How to Stay Healthy Eating Out…With Kids

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So. you want to grab a quick bite-I totally get it, but the options with kid-friendly menus seems to be limited to those places with play structures and deep fried everything.

eating out

At least, it used to be. After school last week, the boys were starving. Not just hungry-they were being downright ¬†pills. It was time to get some food in their bellies, but I didn’t want to stop by any of the fast food joints that they were begging for.

Not only is the temptation horrible for me, but the food really isn’t healthy for them, either. Smalls was dead set on making his own meal-so I thought of Salata. I love that I get to build my own salad and put exactly what I want on it.

And if I love it, chances are he could get super excited about it, too! Unfortunately for me, that wasn’t the case. He was super cranky, and very uncooperative. The only thing he would tell me was that he wanted to sit down and eat¬†in the restaurant. Oh, and he wanted to “build” his food.

Perfect! I could make that happen, and get my salad. Whew!

I have a few rules for eating out with my kids:

  1. There must be gluten free options,
  2. An eating space that does not include a play structure (YUCK!), and
  3. It must be healthy.

Unfortunately in this day and age-that’s a tall order. Most everywhere that caters to kids is deep fried, high fat, gluten-filled…and has a germ-infested playground. Nothankyou.

When we arrived at Salata (because I really, really, really wanted a salad with some turkey and artichoke hearts. It had been a rough day…obviously!), I was super excited to discover these really cool kids meals.

kids boxes

Smalls got to choose 5 different fruits and veggies, plus a protein. For The Baby, I filled his box and took a chance on olives.

He loves them. {He takes after his mama.}

The boys both loved having their food separated, just like when they use their replay plates at home. Plus, the boxes are waxed cardboard, which means they’re lightweight and leak-reducing (Smalls likes to save his food to the bitter end and his box started to leak though on day 2).

And the price was comparable to some fast food places…but we’ll just leave their names out, okay?

So, would you take your kids to Salata?

I am a Salata Brand Ambassador. Aren’t I lucky?!

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