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So. Happy Tuesday, everyone (by ‘everyone’, I mean those of you that are actually taking the time to read this drivel…and by drivel, I mean heartfelt blog post. LOVE you. MWAH.)! How’s your week going so far? I felt like shit crap yesterday. Could be that Ish, in all of his wisdom, decided to bring home a delicious vegan pizza for me…NON-raw…

Not So Raw

Yup, I ate it. So much for my 29-day raw challenge, right? I’m thinking NO. I’m thinking that I’m still in this boat, and life is all about choices, and how you deal with the consequences of those choices.

In my case? The pizza was AWESOME. The next day was NOT. I felt like I had the atomic flu, and I was pretty sure that I was going to DIE. Like, couldn’t keep my head out of the fog, couldn’t go more than 10 feet from a bathroom, thought I was going to vomit allfreakingday DIE.

Push Through

I didn’t, thankfully. I got back on my raw bandwagon and forced nutritious (and delicious) smoothies down my near-vomiting throat all day. All told, I drank 3 green smoothies yesterday, 1 HUGE salad, and a few pieces of raw fruit leather. And some kale chips. And a raw cookie dough bar (I was feeling better after dinner…).

Today, I’m feeling feisty, and I’ve been playing with my Vita-Mix all day. I started my day off with a pineapple-orange-spinach-kale smoothie (bananas weren’t ripe yet), and just enjoyed the most amazing, orgasmic zucchini hummus ever.

hummus recipe

Best.Hummus Recipe. Ever.

OH.MY.GOD. You guys have to try this hummus recipe! I tweaked it a bit, halving it, adding more lemon (I love me some lemons, y’all…imitating Paula Dean is probably not the greatest idea, considering her LOVE of artery-clogging butter, is it??), going a little light on the tahini and adding extra sesame seeds.

It blended out to super-creamy goodness, thanks to my Vitamix, that I will be enjoying over the next couple of days as a dip, spread and salad dressing.

If it was proper to just sit and drink it, I probably would.

I said probably. Have a little faith. Besides, I wouldn’t want Ish to see me like that.

Moving on. So yesterday, I felt like I was DYING. I had a tummy ache, didn’t get much sleep, and my head! ACH. It will be awhile before I attempt that again.

Have you tried zucchini hummus?

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  1. ThaiHoa on February 7, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    Sorry, all you got me thinking about is going to get hummus from Whole Foods.

    • breefawn on February 7, 2012 at 9:47 pm

      I LOVE hummus! And it’s so good for you. Ish and Smalls ate half the recipe by themselves, it’s THAT good. And you get some veggies in there, which is a bonus.

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