Quick & Easy Vanilla-Berry Overnight Oats

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Okay. So I’ve been dabbling with my diet since coming off the master cleanse. Anyone who says that your cravings for bad food are just GONE is lying through their teeth. I will say that my cravings were diminished, but I still love the smell of spaghetti, want pizza, but have been opting for FAR healthier versions (vegan cauliflower crust pizza recipe coming soon…it’s ALMOST perfect!), and need sweets.

spoonSo what HAVE I been eating?

For breakfast:

I’ve become a total overnight oats addict. They’re quick (seriously. One jar, two measuring spoons and one measuring cup?!), and I NEVER have an excuse for eating Smalls’ cereal again…provided I remember to make them.

This morning I had vanilla oats with fresh berries…YUM. Smalls wasn’t a fan (YAY!), so he had some beet pancakes with a little maple syrup and some cantaloupe slices.

My morning snack:

I try to make sure that this is always a combination of fruit and protein. Greek yogurt with berries (vegan, of course), an apple and peanut butter or almonds, 2 plums with a small handful of nuts…


Lunch is one of those things that always gets me in trouble. I always make sure that Smalls is well fed, but often I find that I don’t have time for myself.

To help with that, I’ve started making either a quick veggie soup with barley (or another delicious grain), or a burrito with a whole wheat tortilla, beans, rice, and an avocado…

…or a protein shake. Hey, it fills me up, and if I’ve just finished up a barre workout, helps me recover (like today).

More snacks:

And then I share some carrots and hummus with Smalls (he LOVES hummus! LOL), usually I end up eating carrots, and he devours the hummus. Go figure.

Dinner has been high protein lately, and seems to be keeping me full longer. Tonight I enjoyed a delicious tossed salad with beets, bell peppers, carrots, celery, etc. and 4 oz of smoked tofu. YUMMY.

I’ve developed some ‘cardinal’ rules that have helped me to continue my healthy habits and weight loss (YAY!).

My Feel-Full Tips

  1. No refined sugars or flour. Whole wheat, sugar in the raw, or my favorite, raw honey only, please.mason jar
  2. Drinking AT LEAST 64 oz of water every day. It literally takes me all day, and keeps me full. To make sure I’m drinking enough, I use a gallon Hydroflask which also keeps my water ICE cold.
  3. Snacks MUST include a fruit or vegetable and protein. If that doesn’t sound appealing, then I’m not really hungry.
  4. No food after 8pm. I read somewhere that you begin to burn fat 4 hours after your last meal. Hey, I’ll take it.
  5. No refined carbs after 4 p.m. That means no Ezekiel bread, no pasta, etc.
  6. Dinner needs to include a medium-sized salad. MINIMUM. No more than 2 tbsp (USE A MEASURING SPOON!) of dressing.
  7. Frozen berries are kept in my freezer for easy access and easy snacks.

That’s it!!

Oh, wait…you want a recipe? OKAYFINE.

vanilla berry overnight oats

Vanilla-berry Overnight Oats


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  1. Jenn on September 13, 2012 at 5:59 am

    Beet pancakes? Please share this recipe!!

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