I’m Getting My DanceBody Back

I was thrilled when I got asked to try out a new at home workout from DanceBody, an NYC based fitness company that is giving high end dance fitness a run for their (her?) money. The workouts are definitely not going to ease you in, but they are structured so that you can start from wherever you are in your fitness now.

I’m Getting My DanceBody Back

You know that I’ve been a devotee of barre-style workouts for years now. Those reviews are what actually launched this website! I have got to say-DanceBody is the best of all of them. You get to dance to music you know and sculpt your muscles in a way that emulates the dancer’s body.

I'm Getting My DanceBody Back

And if you stick with it, you will see results – I promise. I have been using the DanceBody workouts for about 2 weeks now, and already my pants are fitting better.

I know that if I stick with it I could quite possibly lose the mom-bod completely. I’m gonna be honest – I look forward to that day.

I love that DanceBody@Home allows me not only to choose the level of workout that is right for me, but they also allow me to “favorite” the workouts I really enjoy so that they’re easy to find again. They also have a huge library, so if you’re pressed for time you can still fit in a quick 13 minute sculpt or a 10 minute Breakdown.

Similar streaming services that I’ve tried don’t have that option – which is now officially a deal breaker. In fact, I broke up with them today.

I'm Getting My DanceBody Back

Photo courtesy of DanceBody

DanceBody@Home is a high-intensity, non-stop jam session that will keep you moving until the very last minute. I love that I can choose the length and type of workout that I have both the time and energy for. They offer 4 levels of dance fitness from beginner to master, as well as a sculpt option. 


These beginner videos are a great way to learn each step and absorb the DanceBody technique. Through repetition and truly breaking down the movements, you will get comfortable with their style — without the pressure of fast, tricky choreography. I have spent a lot of time working on these and they feel like a relaxed dance class, but will still make you work up a sweat.


I have only tried a few of these intense dance cardio workouts, but they are so fun. I can’t wait to improve my skill enough to do these classes on a regular basis!

The use of repetitive choreography is awesome, and there is a “finale” of full body sculpting on the mat at the end. You will be a puddle of goo at the end…but stronger than when you started.

Full Out

I cannot wait to have the endurance and coordination to do a Full Out class. This class is non-stop choreography capped off with serious sculpting. I’m not ready for the quick footwork yet, but I will be soon!


Master is THE DanceBody class. I actually watched a 60 minute class prior to signing up for their service and it’s seriously fast. The students are whip-fast, booty-shaking, and hip-hopping. I’m going to need to do a lot of Open and Full Out classes before I’ll be ready for this.


Sculpt is just what it sounds like (it’s also my favorite class): it focuses on elongating and strengthening the muscles in your arms, legs, and core (and all those smaller, hard to reach, muscles in between!).

These are super finely-honed movements to refine your hips, lift your butt, and whittle your abs, all to music.

By activating your smaller, underused muscles (that dancers utilize effortlessly), DanceBody will tighten your entire body. They are not the first with this type of sculpting, but over the past few weeks of experience I would say they are one of the best. And I’ve done a lot of dance-based workouts.

The DanceBody instructors advise you to use light free weights (no more than 2-3 pounds), wrist and/or ankle weights (at only 1-1.5 pounds), and resistance bands (light to medium resistance).

I love that Sculpt has zero high impact cardio but still gets my heart rate way up. This is not an “easy” class. But it will change your body. I recommend starting with a shorter sculpt class (they have quite a few that are less than 30 minutes) and building up your endurance.

The muscles that you will be working are not ones that you normally use so you will be sore – but in a good way.

Want to give DanceBody@Home a try?



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