Kettlenetics Workout Review

If you know me, it’s no secret that I am home-based workout OBSESSED. I would rather sweat, huff and puff in the privacy of my living room than at a gym.

Sweat At Home

At home, I’ve tried everything from the FIRM (which I love dearly, but am currently taking a break from) to Beach Body (which I normally cannot stand-and I’ve tried it all: Slim in 6, Power 90, Turbo Jam, etc…. Sorry to all of you fans!) I thought that I found my groove with the FIRM’s traditional weight-lifting style and balanced that with my ballet/bar workouts. THEN I found something new: Kettlenetics.

I know that for those out there who are kettle bell purists, this workout may seem a little bit insulting. HOWEVER, it DOES NOT claim to be traditional kettle bells. Kettlenetics is a fusion workout that blends the instructor’s dance background and her training in traditional kettle bell technique.

What Can You Do With Just 4 Pounds?

I really enjoy all the workouts that come with this set. AND I think that it’s fairly resonably priced for what you get: 6 workouts and the 4 lb kbell…then you have an option to UPGRADE. I would recommend that you do this.

The upgrade includes 2 additional workouts as well as an 8 lb kbell, which you will eventually be able to use. When you’re starting out, the 4 lb kbell is heavy enough, believe me. This workout is unlike anything that I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried most everything! LOLkettlenetics workout review

The Breakdown

The set comes with a DVD that breaks down the most basic moves that you’ll be doing with the kbell. Michelle instructs on form, which is SO very important when you’re using something like a kbell. I would recommend watching this once through.

Then you can move on to FlowMotion Basics. It’s a 20 minute workout that actually gets your heart pumping, and you go through the basics in a slower format. I love this workout for when I’m crunched on time, or I want to burn upwards of 200 calories in 20 minutes (usually so that I can enjoy that glass of wine with dinner! LOL).

The other DVDs are a mix of cardio and stretching. There is one toning workout included. I really enjoy this mix of strength and cardio. You get your heart pumping, and are toning your muscles at the same time. I always look forward to doing these workouts.

I will say that I have 2 traditional kettle bell workouts that I purchased AFTER having Kettlenetics for a few months, and those are okay…but not nearly as fun. I just like the motivation, spirit and educational aspects that Michelle brings to the workouts.

Abs Of Steel

I’m sure you’re curious to know about my results: WHICH ARE FANTASTIC!! I have never done a workout that made my abs SO SORE! I was sore for almost a full week after my first round with Cardio Balanced!!

I am finally able to fit into size 8 jeans, and when I started Kettlenetics, I was a size 12. I am also finding that my shoulders have more definition, and I’m getting more shapely legs. I will be honest that I am not a Kettlenetics purist.

I have also been running, doing FIRM (although very seldom lately) and isometric/bar exercises. I cannot credit my results soley to kbells, but I KNOW that they helped!!

If you are looking for something challenging, different and really fun, then I think that you should go for it. This is a system that will grow with you. You can always get a heavier kbell! The fusion aspect is also nice, since it’s a welcome change from traditional weights-only workouts.


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