Easy Lemon Cake Homemade Sugar Scrub

This Lemon Cake Homemade Sugar Scrub is scrumptious. It’s a super simple recipe (my favorite!) and can be put together in less than 5 minutes! My hands always feel amazing and hydrated after using this sugar scrub. Plus, it’s a beautiful combination of cake and lemon, so you know it smells incredible!

Super Easy Lemon Cake Homemade Sugar Scrub

I love making my own sugar scrubs at home. Not only do they smell better than store-bought, but you can control what goes in them. When I am using items on my body, I want to know that I am not using harsh chemicals. Making the sugar scrubs myself gives me peace of mind! 

What Is Sugar Scrub?

If you aren’t familiar with sugar scrubs, you’ve been missing out. They are an easy way to give your skin some much-needed hydration and exfoliation. While you can make them without scents more often than not, they also leave your skin not just feeling fresh but smelling fresh too. 

The sugar in the scrub is a light way to exfoliate and doesn’t damage your skin unless you are scrubbing excessively. Due to the gaining popularity of sugar scrubs, they make lovely gifts too! 

Lemon Cake Sugar Body Scrub Ingredients

How To Make DIY Sugar Scrub

Honestly, you can make several batches of sugar scrub in a matter of minutes. It takes no time at all, and you can start using it right away. That’s another reason why you should make it for gifts too; it’s an inexpensive idea that takes mere minutes. 

First Step: Put the coconut oil into a small bowl.

Second Step: Slowly add in the sugar and mix well. 

NOTE: If you are planning to make extra-large batches, you could always use your stand mixer to make it faster. 

Third Step: Add the drops of lemon essential oil and continue mixing. 

Fourth Step: If you want to add food coloring, it will change the color! Just add a few drops until you get it the desired color and your homemade sugar scrub will be ready to use.

Fifth Step: Use some glass jars with tightly fitted lids to store the homemade sugar scrub in. 

Storing Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

The simple sugar scrub needs to be kept in a cool, dry place, so it doesn’t dry out. Keeping the scrub in a cabinet in the bathroom or anywhere else where it’s out of direct sunlight or steam, and it should be okay. 

Cute Gift Giving Ideas For Homemade Sugar Scrub

This is another of my favorite Spring recipes. I keep a jar right next to my sink, and many friends have received this as a gift. Your hands will feel super smooth, hydrated, and smell SO amazing. Lemon Cake is truly one of my favorite sugar scrubs. Here are a few ideas to package the sugar scrubs for gifts. They are wonderful for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, and any other reason!

If you are looking to expand your collection of essential oils so you can make all sorts of scents, here are some great starter sets for you to look over. You can use a variety of oils when making homemade sugar scrub too!

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This Easy Lemon Cake Homemade Sugar Scrub makes your skin feel so silky and smooth. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself! It smells amazing too. #sugarscrub #diy #homemade #scrub #bodyscrub #easy #simple #exfoliating #breagettingfit


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