Why Is It So Hard To Lose Fat?

Fat – You’re either trying to get rid of or working really hard to stop it coming back. Why is it so hard to lose fat? Why does it have to be so stubborn?  And why does it sometimes stick on your thighs and then sometimes stick on your tummy?

Why Is It So Hard To Lose Fat?

There is no one answer to any of these questions, but there are plenty of theories and plenty of weight loss programs that think they might be right.

Why Is It So Hard To Lose Fat-


Fat is needed as an energy store. Fat is also needed to protect your body from damage when you suffer bumps or scrapes.

A healthy amount of fat helps you to look healthy. After all, the gaunt look is so 1990s. Like water, our bodies do rely on that reserve of fat to function correctly. But when there is too much, the body can start to suffer.

Too Much

How do we end up with too much? Joan Collins spent years declaring that nobody can get fat if they don’t eat fat. Of course, we all know that fat stores can increase by overeating a range of different foods. And we also know that there are lots of different types of fats or oils too.

Even vegetables contain it. What’s more, most fats are considered healthy these days, like olive oil and coconut oil. Obviously, we’ve got to eat, so avoiding fat isn’t the answer.


On the contrary, many modern diets (and some really old ones) demand that you eat a lot of fat, at least in the beginning. One of those diets is the HCG diet which has a whole bunch of options when it comes to recipes to try out.

As with many fast fat loss diets, you have to take something to achieve your end goal (a hormone supplement in this case.) And you then have to reduce your calorie intake dramatically.


So where does healthy exercise fit into all this? Surely exercising reduces fat? After all, there are thousands of exercise routines posted on Pinterest that claim to target specific stubborn fat.

Thighs, tummies, arms, and bums are all areas that you can apparently remove fat from with a few movements.

What many of them have in common is the ability to tone the muscles under the fat. This can certainly help you look and feel better about your body, but the stubborn fat might still be there.


Fat burners are caffeine loaded supplements that are taking the bodybuilder market by storm. These supplements claim to boost your metabolism and therefore increase the amount of fat you can burn. As with all the other programs, low calories diets and muscle building exercises are required to see results. Does it get rid of those stubborn areas though?


Genetics are always going to play a part in where your fat is stored. And yes, hormones must surely play a part too. Fat can be stubborn, but ultimately it is there as a reserve. Surely if you feed your body enough for the activity you do, it won’t need to store more than is necessary? If only it were that easy! Eat well and stay healthy.

Which part of fat loss most surprised you?

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