7 Sneaky Ways to Lose Weight Easily

Most of us (I’m including myself in this) would like to lose a bit of weight, increase energy, and feel healthier. We think that we’ll make a change, and things will get better…but it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Life gets in the way. You get busy. You get tired. And when you get caught out unplanned and unprepared, you make less than great choices.

I have found that balance is not a true equalization in all areas of my life.  Instead, balance is a constant give and take. Balance means focusing on the things that need my attention right now and which things I can let slide. What often happens is that I let something slide that’s important to me…like my weight.

Lose Weight Easily

Usually, this is because I feel like myself and my family move at warp speed-especially now that I am working full time. This means that I’m often sacrificing home cooked for faster and easier-whether it’s grabbing take out or using microwave meals (yes, I’m totally guilty of doing this. I am definitely far from perfect).

Here’s the rub: faster and more convenient wins when you’re overwhelmed and underprepared. I know this because I’ve been there. Like last week. I no longer have 2 hours to spend working out, and dinners have to feed the whole family-including two picky kids. I get busy, overwhelmed, and things that should take priority and are important to me get left behind.

This is especially frustrating because I understand how to lose weight without taking drastic measures, this is all the more frustrating. Especially since weight loss for me hasn’t always been easy…and I know I’m not the only one!

In fact, for most of my life, I have struggled with my weight. I started this blog to help me lose weight and stay accountable…via the internet. I never dreamed that anyone would actually read what I was writing! Yet here you are (HI!).

I’m still working to lose weight, though it’s getting easier as I understand the basic habits that are essential to health.

Not that long ago, I hated my body. I remember how the extra weight made me lack confidence ad caused me to shy away from participating in activities. I wore baggy clothes to hide how I really looked, or leggings because they were the only thing that fit. 

Not one of the diet or nutrition books I read mentioned how I could be sensitive to certain foods. Or that poor habits in combination with these foods were causing massive inflammation and weight loss resistance.

After years of trying practically every diet out there, losing weight and gaining it back, I berated myself for not being able to keep the weight off.  I was certain that there was something wrong with me – not enough willpower, too big of an appetite, or the wrong genes.

I know how frustrating it is to go on a diet and be hungry or limited to only juices or chalky smoothies. I’m going to show you a whole new way to think about weight loss.

Let’s face it, there is a huge problem with our mainstream diet and lifestyle. Just have a look at the latest stats on obesity and modern diseases like cancer, diabetes and autoimmune illnesses. What we’re told to eat, or how we choose to eat, and our way of living aren’t doing us any favors.
Our lives are filled with chronic stress, distraction and overstimulation. We have become sedentary-glued to our desks, couches, and shiny screens.
We eat out of plastic containers that come out of the microwave, lather our hair and body with chemically laden products, and we don’t spend nearly enough time in the sun.
This way of living leads our bodies to become overweight, weak, lethargic, chronically inflamed, and predisposed to many ailments and diseases. 
 Lose Weight Easily

This is why I created my 7-Day Healthy Habits Challenge. It isn’t about starving your body, fasting, juicing, eating strange food combinations, or taking lots of supplements. Instead, it’s a week of healthy habits that will lead to a healthy weight. 

Are you ready to start losing weight without going hungry, and LOVE the way you look and feel?

I don’t expect people to change their habits in 7 days. However, in 7 days, I can teach you what steps you need to take to begin to develop healthy habits that will allow you to lose weight easily (really). 

7 Tricks to Lose Weight Easily

  1. Kick-start your weight loss
  2. Increase your energy
  3. Improve your sleep
  4. Strengthen your immune system
  5. Reduce symptoms of chronic disease
  6. Help you prioritize your health
  7. Simplify your weight loss journey

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Often, it’s knowing where to start that becomes so overwhelming. So I’m giving you an easy way to get started-with my 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge. It’s only a week.

Are you ready to get healthy?

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