Making DAILY Resolutions vs. New Year Resolutions

It’s Monday. It’s January. And it’s that time of year again. You KNOW what I’m talking about, don’t you? You sat down and made a list of everything you were join to accomplish this year. I used to do this. In fact, last year I did.

Want to know how many “New Years” resolutions I kept? NONE. Not a single solitary one. Run a half marathon? Nope. Lose 20 pounds? Not even close. Write a blog post a week. Epic fail. The sound of frustration was DEAFENING. Life happens. If I learned nothing else from the past year, it’s that. And so, this year, I made two resolutions.

Saying Yes is a habIt


Saying YES


Yes to opportunities. Yes to my kids. Yes to my friends. Yes to taking chances. Yes to possible mistakes. Just say yes more often. Don’t get upset. Don’t second guess. If I have it in my power, I’m saying “yes”. Of course, as a mom, this should be highly entertaining, and I’m the first to admit that I’m probably crazy, but I’m going to give this a real shot.

My other resolution?


YESMake Daily Resolutions


A year is a long time. Life can get flipped on its head, as my family found out last April. There is no way that I could comfortably have exercised daily at 8 months pregnant during our 6 week in and out of the hospital. So I gave up on my workouts last year. This year? I’m going to say yes to offers of walks around the block, or the mall, or going to run outside (as long as it isn’t freezing).

But “yes” extends further. I’m trying hard to choose one goal each day. Once I accomplish that goal, I’m setting another one. Today’s goals so far?

  1.  Update my Free Barre Workouts for the New Year.
  2. Write this post. That’s 2!!

After that, I need to get my workout in.


How am I doing so far?


I said yes to taking Smalls to Target (this is HUGE, by the way) this week. We’ll go first thing in the morning to make sure that we avoid as many people as possible. He wants to pick out some healthy snacks for his new “snack shelf.”

I said yes to letting him leave his Lego creations out…overnight (OUCH!). Luckily they haven’t attacked my feet…yet. I’m still waiting for that.

I said yes and took on an amazing new project to help other moms like me who want to work from home.

This also means that I’m going to be saying yes to my daily chore chart, because I’m ashamed to admit that I’m quite out of practice. I know that I feel better with a semi-spotless house. I’m sure you do, too. So I’m setting aside a bit of time every morning to make sure that I can stay on track.


I’m Not Perfect


Yesterday, I set a goal to do one workout, and I totally face-planted. But I didn’t beat myself up. It’s just one day. Instead, I looked at my other accomplishments:

  • We took down the Christmas decorations.
  • I packed up the baby clothes that are too small for my little one *sob*.
  • I filled not one but two (!!) boxes with toys to take to the local consignment shop.
  • I scrubbed the kitchen cabinets.
  • I put away Smalls laundry with his help.

Looking back on my day, That’s a lot! I also got to spend time with my boys. And that’s got to be enough. Today, I’m focusing on one resolution at a time, and as I check them off, I do a little dance. I don’t miss the “year” hanging over my head. Not at all. One day at a time. I can say yes and accomplish a lot. It’s all about baby steps.

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