Sweet Mochi Puffs Recipe

Happy Monday, lovelies! Have you heard of mochi? NO, it’s not RAW. Bad me. I know, I know. But it’s SO tasty! Serioulsy. You HAVE to try this stuff. I. LOVE. MOCHI. It’s gooey-ooey-yummyness all rolled up into one. Pretty much as perfect as a food can get…a cooked food. Try it yourself – skip to the Sweet Mochi Puffs Recipe.

Sweet Mochi Puffs Recipe

So what is this stuff? Well, mochi is made by soaking short grain glutinous or sticky rice overnight, cooking it, and pounding it into a sticky paste. The paste is molded, and sometimes blended with other flavors, such as mugwart and sweet brown rice (my FAV).

Sweet Mochi Puffs Recipe


And I totally binged on it. Yup. I had TWO FULL PACKS (that’s SIX blocks, or 12 individual servings, y’all). It was HEAVEN. OOEY, GOOEY, SMOOSHY, DELICIMOUS HEAVEN. No regrets, except that it is NOT raw, and I felt like crap waking up the next morning…weird how cooked foods do that to me know. I just felt…


Now, that’s not to say that you won’t enjoy mochi and not feel that way. If you’re used to cooked foods, and haven’t been eating entirely raw for any length of time, you’ll probably die of pleasure. Seriously.

How to prepare it? Okay…one more thing, though. If anything, this little experiment has convinced me that being 100% raw is a GOOD thing for my body. YAY for revelations!

Sweet Mochi Puffs Recipe

How To Make A Sweet Mochi Puffs

Heat a heavy-bottomed skillet (preferably a cast iron skillet or a ceramic skillet) and coconut oil over medium heat. Add the mochi halves, so that they do not touch. Cover your mochi with a lid for four minutes (set the timer!!).

After 4 minutes, remove the lid, and carefully flip the mochi puffs.

They should be starting to puff a little, and will be sticky. Recover with lid and allow to cook for three minutes more.

Move your now amazingly delicious mochi puffs to a plate, sprinkle with cinnamon and drizzle with brown rice syrup.


What’s your favorite sweet treat?

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  1. ThaiHoa Burroughs on January 24, 2012 at 11:46 am

    LOVE MOCHI! Some people can’t get used the texture. Oh, and I love Mochi ice cream. Have you ever had that? Yummy.

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