To the mom with medically complicated kids

I see you. And I know that you’re struggling today. Being the parent of a medically complicated child is not something we choose, normally. I know that you spent last night going through your planner, your phone, and leaving messages for the doctor to find out if your kid can eat or should take their meds before your visit tomorrow. 

To the mom with medically complicated kids…

I understand that when you post about your babies, you aren’t looking for sympathy, you just need someone to listen and you hope, you really, really hope that just one person hears you.

You spend countless hours choosing your kid’s clothing, shoes, bedding, and even carseat so that you don’t trigger a meltdown or have a scene every time you have to stress them out by doing something “new”…even if they’ve done it 100 times before.

To the mom with medically complicated kids...

I know that you haven’t taken a shower or shaved more than one leg in longer than you’d care to admit because you really, truly don’t have any time to yourself. Yes, I see the circles under your eyes from staying up at night worrying about “what if”.

I hear your frustration when you meet a new doctor and they treat you like an idiot, even though you know more about your child’s condition than they do.

I get that arriving “on time” for a doctor appointment likely means waiting to actually see the doctor for at least an hour…and that meltdowns are inevitable.

You work so hard to make sure that your kids are all loved and cared for, but I understand that you feel guilty when you have to divert the majority of your attention to one child.

It’s okay

It’s okay that you had a complete panic attack when your child starts school, or gymnastics, or falls and skins their knee. You are not crazy.

You try so very hard to make everything “normal” understanding that you life is not, and likely never will be what everyone else deems “normal”.

I understand that it’s easier to just give in rather than fight-I feed my kids chicken nuggets, too.

It’s okay to feel conflicted when your child gets to do something awesome-like attend an invite-only Christmas party, go to a play, or even Disney. Because they are getting to do this awesome thing because of their struggles.

I know that you try so hard to be happy, but some days you just can’t.

I know you’re tired and I see that you are overwhelmed. But you know what? You are so incredibly strong. And your kids are amazing because of you. You are the one who keeps them safe, happy, and makes sure that the world they live in works for them.

Your life would crush most moms. But you make it work. Every morning. Even at 3:00 a.m. when your child needs you and you’ve just fallen asleep.

You’re not alone, I promise.


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