Mommy’s Little Foodie: Week 12 + No More Avocados

I can’t believe that it’s been 12 whole weeks! I know I probably say that more than I should because it’s only natural that Smalls will keep getting older…but WOW. Little man is moving toward wanting to feed himself, too.

mommy's little foodie week 12


He’s getting REALLY good at trying to eat the remote. Doesn’t that sound absolutely delicious?


No More Avocados


Smalls decided this week that he does NOT like avocados anymore-which is okay because I made myself guacamole with the leftovers! He does, however, suddenly love watermelon.

Just goes to show me that he’s entirely¬†unpredictable. I also made him banana-zucchini oatmeal, which he devoured. I think that it may be a new staple!

We’re still unsure of carrots, but (as with everything food-related) we’ll keep trying. I figured he’d gobble them because they’re sweet, but sadly, no. Maybe I’ll mix them with some pears….

As for this week, I think that we’re going to stick with ‘p’ foods until Smalls starts ‘going’ regularly again. We had one cranky baby last night! So…

  • prunes,
  • pears,
  • plums,
  • peaches,
  • potatoes

…here we come! Luckily most of those are on the current ‘faves’ list.

What’s your baby eating this week?

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