10 Pregnancy Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

I realize that many of my readers are not pregnant, but some of you might be, or be thinking about it (or have a friend that you want to get a kick-butt gift for?)…and since I’m a little baby-bump obsessed right now, I thought that I’d share my favorite finds!

10 Pregnancy Items You Didn't Know You Needed

Pull On Knee Cushion

This is quite possibly the most genius invention EVER. I looked through tons of reviews about maternity body pillows (because believe me, you WILL need something to support your hips so that you can sleep for more than two hours), and this one took the cake.knee pillow

It takes up absolutely no space in our bed, so I can still cuddle with my hubby, and it supports my hips so that I don’t wake up feeling like I slept on cement. Not to mention, a “maternity” pillow would take up most of our queen size bed!

Prenatal Multivitamin
Vitamin Code

Okay. Prenatal are tricky. I tried prescriptions, and just about every over the counter out there and all of them made me vomit. Until I found Garden Of Life. Not only does it give me energy (well, more energy), but I can keep it down!

Again, the BEST prenatal vitamin out there. Enough said.

Cleansing Cream

cleansing creamYou know how some people end up with glowing skin? Well, not me. The only cleansing cream that worked for my pregnant skin was Aubrey Organics. It’s seriously the BEST facial cleanser out there.

I don’t know what it is about pregnancy but before I found this amazing cleanser (they also make a kick-butt moisturizer!), I was having flashbacks to someone else’s teenage years (yeah, that bad).

This cleanser cleared me up and helped to keep me that way!

Belly Oil

mio skincare

My skin is starting to stretch (ALOT) as I get into my sixth month of pregnancy, and this oil is awesome.

It helps to calm my itchy skin (even on my elbows and legs!), and I am sure that it’s helping minimize any unsightly stretch marks that might otherwise drive me insane since I haven’t seen any pop up yet!

Maternity Wrap Top

wrap topThis is the MOST comfortable shirt I own. The best part? I can quite honestly wear it from day 1 until AFTER the baby gets here.

Because of the wraps, this awesome top is totally adjustable and SUPER flattering. I bought one in every color, and wear them every day. Oh, and as you grow, there’s plenty of fabric to cover your bump. Super soft, very stretchy, and it makes my belly look FANTASTIC!

When you’re ready to give birth, here’s a guide on what to wear during labor.

Maternity Bra

maternity bra

I thought you just needed nursing bra-and I was so, so wrong. My boobs started increasing their size before  I even knew I was pregnant! I would venture to say they’ve doubled in size…and I need a bra designed to hold them, because, well, they hurt. And underwire SUCKS while you’re pregnant. A good maternity bra is a must.

Long & Lean Prenatal Workout

I absolutely LOVE the long, lean feeling that I get (especially as I get more round) after doing this workout. This workout is a great alternative to other maternity workouts out there, drawing from barre and pilates styles.

I love that I feel refreshed, rather than completely pooped after this workout (which, let’s face it, EVERYTHING takes more energy lately!)

Exercise Ball


While not necessarily a pregnancy item, I have found that my exercise ball is my BEST FRIEND for those days when my hips and back feel tight.

Just a few minutes sitting on the ball doing hip circles feels AMAZING. It also makes a nice place to support my top when Ish rubs my back (he’s such a wonderful hubby!).

Pregnancy Journal

pregnancy journal

I know it’s kinda cheezy, but I wanted a memory of my first pregnancy, and this book ROCKS! I think that my favorite page so far is the one where I had to admit that, YES, I did wear the EXACT same pants to work 5 days in a row because they were stretchy and comfortable (not to mention adorable!).

The book has places for photos of my growing belly, the all-important ultrasound pictures and my thoughts (and eating habits).

Hopefully, Tater will appreciate it when he gets older!

Calf Compression Sleevescompression sleeve

Y’all. My legs are aching by the end of the day! Ish suggested that I try calf compression sleeves (he uses them for running), and they made the pain so much better. Some days there was no pain at all! As my belly gets bigger, I’m sure that I will have a huge appreciation for them!

So there you have it.

My 10 favorite things. I’m sure that after Tater gets here I’ll have another list of MUST HAVES, but for now, I’m content with my finds.

What are your pregnancy must haves?


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