My First Day As A Crossfit Newbie

Yesterday, I did my very first crossfit workout. Now, I’ve done some functional fitness workouts before, but my normal go-to is weight training (Les Mills, Jeri Love, etc.). So this was new. I’m a total crossfit newbie. 

My First Day As A Crossfit Newbie

Here’s what it was like taking my first crossfit newbie workout class. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how well I’d do!

My First Day As A Crossfit Newbie

Crossfit Warm Up

We started out with a 400-meter run. I’m extremely proud to say that I ran the whole way. Without dying. I know, I should totally get a medal.

We got back inside and did some leg and arm swings, and then did walking lunges, walking butt kicks, toe touches, and caterpillars. I was dying and dripping sweat by the time we were done. I grabbed my gymnastics grips crossfit and got ready for the workout.

Then we did some basic form drills: My First Day As A Crossfit Newbie

  • Deadlifts
  • Over/Unders
  • Squats
  • Push Ups (on a tall box)
  • Sit Ups (using an ab mat)

Just as I was ready to get some water, we got instructions for our WOD (workout of the day). I have to be honest…my first thought was SERIOUSLY?!

But this crossfit newbie sucked it up.

Day 1 Crossfit WOD

My First Day As A Crossfit NewbieOur WOD was an 8-minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of the following:

  • 100-meter run
  • box push ups x5
  • squats x5
  • sit ups x5

I completed the circuit 5 times. I might have been able to get another 100-meter run in, but I’m gonna be honest and say that I wimped out. Actually, I didn’t know my body could hurt like that. Surprisingly, my ankle held up really well. I need to work on my balance (the warm up balancing exercises were a bit more challenging than I would like), but I’m really, really proud of myself regardless.

I busted my rear for 50 minutes, did what I was told (including running!) and I can’t wait for Wednesday.

Now, I know a lot of crossfit newbies start with a 2 week intro class, but I am taking part in a 6 week total body challenge. 3 workouts each week, plus a strict clean eating plan. We’ll see how much my measurements change over the next 6 weeks.

Oh, and I’m still skating, so that should help things.

Have you ever tried crossfit? Got any tips for me?
Leave them below!

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