My Starbucks bites. | A day in my life.

I’m not perfect (shocking, isn’t it?). At least, not all the time.

Does Starbucks ever get your order wrong? I get you.

Oh, wait. I should probably ask how your day is going before I start to rant. How are you today? Good? Great. Moving on.

I’m not-so-great. In fact, I’m convinced that everyone at my local Starbucks needs some serious training. Like, back to coffee school. Why? First of all, let’s examine why I’m ranting and raving about coffee of all things. Yes, I know it’s not good for me, and no, I’m not addicted (or I’m in denial…which is a nice place, too….).

However, when I need coffee, this mama NEEDS her coffee. If I don’t get it? Headaches, crankies, and not-so-pleasantness ensues. So when I want coffee, out I go.

Which is funny, because as an ex-Starbucks Barista with her very own Venzio Espresso Machine, I could VERY easily make my own. But I don’t. Don’t ask me why.

Starbucks Espresso Machine

Isn’t it pretty?

Okay, here’s why: like most of you mamas out there, my typical day looks like this:

6:00 am Wake up with Smalls (or rather, be woken up by Smalls)
6:00-8:00 Play with Smalls
8:00 Eat Breakfast with Smalls
8:30-10:00 Play with Smalls
10:00 Snack #1
10:00-11:30 Play with Smalls
11:30-?? Nap (lately, this has been only a 45 minute nap, but we’re shooting for 2 hours eventually!)
Wake-Up-1:00 pm Play with Smalls
1:00-1:30 Lunch with Smalls
1:30 Run to Starbucks (my story will resume shortly)
2:00 Snack #2
2:00-3:30 Play with Smalls
3:30 Snack #3
3:45-5:00 Play with Smalls
5:00 Dinner with Smalls
6:00 Bath
6:45 Bed
6:45-10:00 pm Work (yes, I have a job.)
10:00-?? Read in bed because I’m too freaking tired to sleep.
12-1:00 am-ish Fall asleep

Sound familiar? I don’t know why I’m an insomniac lately. I’m working on it.

Back to my complaining, okay?

Okay. SO. Obvs, I NEED Starbucks to make it through the afternoon. Otherwise I spectacularly crash and burn. NOT COOL.

So, yesterday, I went to my local Starbucks to order my usual, and, like every other day when I need coffee (as much as I make it sound like it’s an everyday kind of thing, it’s more like a 3 times a week kind of thing) through the drive through.

I get to the window….



A CUSTOMER WHO COULD TIP YOU (Baristas count on their tips, regardless of what they tell you) is waiting, UNGREETED at a CLOSED window for 5 minutes.


they got my drink wrong. They make it hot. It was supposed to be cold. They put mocha in. I didn’t ask for a mocha. AND it was a Grande. I ALWAYS order an ICED Venti.

So I politely corrected them. They remade it WITH MILK. Ummmm…didn’t I say SOY?!

Third time, NONFAT milk (I watched them make it this time.). I paid, and drove directly home, where I cried. Seriously. Smalls thought I’d lost my mind. He does give great hugs, though.

After much consoling by my 1 year old, I pulled out my espresso machine and made my own. But seriously, someone needs to send those people to coffee school (and yes, it really does exist.)

 Has Starbucks ever gotten your order wrong?

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