5 Tips For Naturally Dying Your Easter Eggs

This Easter, stay away from the chemicals found in dyes at the store and instead use these tips for naturally dying your Easter Eggs! What is awesome is natural egg dye can be found in ingredients in your pantry.

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Sometimes…I like to think of myself as Peter Pan. An adult that just refuses to grow up…you know what I mean, right? There are just some kid’s activities that are amazing and awesome…and honestly, dying Easter Eggs is one of ’em.

I have vivid memories of dying Easter Eggs as a kid and getting really, really creative. What I thought was a masterpiece back then was probably quite “creative”, but still, I know that I had fun each and every year.

Those memories are what I want for our boys as well. With one little change…Instead of buying the dyes from the stores that are loaded down with chemicals, I’m opting to naturally dye our Easter Eggs this year instead.

Care to join in on the fun?! Use the eggs for a healthy egg salad to enjoy after!

5 Tips For Naturally Dying Your Easter Eggs

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If you are looking to stay away from the storebought Easter egg dye kits this year, you can make your own for so much less money and so many fewer (as in none!) chemicals!

Naturally dying your Easter eggs is a simple process, and you may already have everything you need to get started right in your home! Naturally dying your eggs isn’t always as cut and dry as it may seem, which is why I’m giving you five tips to help you naturally dye your Easter eggs this year.

More Ways to Be “Natural” Minded

Use veggies and fruits to get your natural dyes

Natural food coloring can be hard to come by, so if you are going to be making yours from scratch, the best place to start is with vegetables and fruits. Here are some foods you want to keep on hand to make your dyes: (this list is making me crave summer foods, by the way!)

  • Blue: Purple cabbage, blueberries
  • Green: Spinach, kale
  • Red: Pomegranate, beets, cherries, red onion skins. 
  • Purple: Grape juice, grapes
  • Yellow: Tumeric, lemon

When dying your eggs using vegetables and fruits, they won’t come out neon bright like the storebought varieties, but that’s okay! Just be certain to prep your little ones beforehand and they’ll be good to go.  

You can make your own DIY egg dye kit

Keep in mind that you can make your own egg dye kit at home, but you will need to gather a few ingredients first.

The first item that you’ll need? Natural food coloring. You can make your own using the above guidelines, or you can find them online or in a specialty food store. In addition to your natural dyes, you will also need white vinegar and water. Simple, right?

If you do decide to buy your own natural dyes, make sure they are nontoxic

The FDA allows only seven different artificial colors in the US food supply, and Easter egg dye kits are included in this list. Go figure. Dyes can have harmful chemicals in them and may be toxic, so make sure you are buying a natural dye that is nontoxic. If you aren’t sure or can’t find the information, it’s best to skip it, in my opinion.

Buy your eggs early

Since the goal of dying Easter eggs is not to eat them, you can buy your eggs pretty far in advance! You will need to boil your eggs before dying them, so if you plan on dying your eggs naturally, take advantage of sales of eggs and stock up! (I always buy an extra carton or two…because…well…little hands can cause breaks) Older eggs will actually be easier to peel after being boiled!

Use your Instant Pot to boil the eggs

If you want to boil your eggs quickly with no mess, your Instant Pot is a secret weapon! Add one cup of water and cook them on manual for about three minutes. After your three minutes are up, allow the pressure to release for three minutes naturally. After three minutes, do a quick release and bring your eggs to an ice bath.

Naturally dying your Easter eggs can be a fun way to save money on egg dye, and protect your family from harmful chemicals at the same time. If you want to give naturally dying your eggs a try this year, make sure you have these tips handy when you start dying your eggs! 

And remember, this is a fun Easter tradition that the whole family can enjoy, no matter the ages!

how to naturally dye easter eggs

Have you ever tried to naturally dye Easter eggs?

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