Outdoor Activities That Are Fun and Simple

Getting outside and moving your body is a great way to get a great workout and mental destresser as well. The truth of the matter is that outdoor time can be beneficial in so many different ways.

If you’re ready to hop out the front door and check out simple outdoor activities that are fun and simple, this post will prove to you just how easy that can be!

Instead of filling your days full of indoor activities, get outside and explore instead.

Outdoor Activities That Are Fun and Simple

Mother Nature offers some simple activities that you just shouldn’t have to miss out on. If you’re ready to lace up your shoes and get excited, these are the outdoor activities to check out.


You literally don’t need anything when you go on a hike. Find a trail and just be one with the flow. On your hike, you’re certain to see tons of beauty out in nature and enjoy the sounds as well.


Air up your bike tires and hit the road. If you’re looking for a super simple way to get some exercise paired up with a scenic tour, climbing on your bike and peddling is the best way to make that happen.

Some towns even have awesome bike trails that will allow you to stay off the main road while still getting in a great workout, too.


Now that summer is here, check out the local pools and see what options that you have. There’s just something to be said about taking a dip into an outdoor pool on a super hot day.

Not to mention, swimming is such a great workout as well. It works your entire body with resistance training and movement.


More than likely, you probably notice quite a few runners outdoors all year long. This is because getting outside and running is one of the best ways to exercise your body and mind.

If you’re one that likes to run with music playing, just make certain that you don’t forget your headphones as you’re running out the door.


People really do underestimate the workout that you can get from gardening. It’s a lot of walking and bending over to pull weeds, which is a great way to move the body as well.

Make certain that you take breaks and stretch out your legs as you go because gardening really does work your knees and might have your joints popping a bit, too.

Washing the car

Some people get great enjoyment out of washing their car and it’s also a fun way to stay cool in the heat as also.

Just use your time wisely so that you’re not out baking in the sun and have a little water fun while you’re cleaning your car as well.

Go on a picnic

Picnics are the best. And when you can combine that picnic with a nice hike or stroll, it’s just a great feeling to be able to lay out your picnic blanket and have a seat.

Make certain that you’re picking foods that you don’t have to worry about keeping hot and cold and then hit the outdoor area with plans to stop and have a picnic at your favorite outdoor space.

As you can tell, there are so many fun outdoor activities that you can literally do with little to no planning on your end. If you can easily get outdoors within a few moments of time, why wouldn’t you?

The fact that nature has so many free ways to eliminate stress and move your body is just a few of the reasons that getting outside daily is key.

What are some other fun outdoor activities that you enjoy doing?

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