Paleo Shrimp Fried Rice Recipe

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Happy Labor Day!

Do you ever just crave takeout? Or more specifically, foods that you really, really should not eat? Or maybe it’s one specific food. For me, I tend to crave fried rice. And not the healthy kind, y’all. The kind that I used to get at Safeway on my lunchbreak-packed with MSG and mystery meat.

Even though I knew it wasn’t great for me, I would find a reason to “forget” to pack a lunch at least once a week-and then I’d wolf down a cup of that fried rice like my life depended on it. It was so delicious.

But I can’t have rice, and I really, really can’t have MSG or even the canola oil that it was almost assuredly cooked in. So I’ve been trying hard to find a recipe that satisfies my craving for “crap” while helping to keep my body healthy. 

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And let me tell you, there have been a LOT of failures along the way! I finally found a great “rice” tutorial, but found that using this rice didn’t quite give me the “fried” results I was wanting.

So I kept trying. Ish was less than thrilled when I served up practically raw cauliflower “rice” as a side for dinner one night…and then I got to thinking. When I used to make fried rice, the rice always absorbed the flavors…so why not try the same thing with cauliflower?

And you know what? It worked!

Do you miss fried rice? Try this awesome paleo-friendly recipe!

Shrimp Fried Rice

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