Pizza Eggs Aren’t Just For Breakfast – THM S Recipe

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I feel like I’ve been living in an alternate dimension. I mean, I’ve heard of pizza eggs, but until last weekend, I’d never really experienced them. Y’all. I was missing out, which means that you are also missing out. Skip to the THM S Pizza Eggs recipe here.

Pizza Eggs Aren’t Just For Breakfast – THM S Recipe

So, I had seen one of my favorite girls, Kara, post about “pizza eggs”. Over, and over, and over again. And I just couldn’t stop thinking about them, especially because they’re within the Trim Healthy Mama guidelines for an “s” meal.


Pizza Eggs Aren't Just For Breakfast - THM S Recipe!


Now, Kara’s lost quite a bit following THM, and she’s quite an inspiration. She’s also one of my favorite people. So, she volunteered her hubby to make me pizza eggs so that we girls could watch and then eat. Isn’t that sweet of her?

The recipe is actually quite easy, but you’ll need either a well seasoned cast iron (and I mean well seasoned), or a ceramic skillet. Do yourself a favor here and use a high-quality pan.

Pizza Eggs

Now, if your eggs fold in on themselves, that’s okay. Obviously, it’s going to happen some of the time. But, with the right pan, you’ll absolutely love them. You could also easily top your eggs with veggies, sausage, or any other combination of deliciousness.

Now, be mindful to avoid starchy vegetables to keep this a true “s” meal. Ish suggested making taco eggs…maybe I’ll make those next!

What are your favorite pizza eggs toppings?

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