Why Planting A Garden Needs to be on Your Radar

If you’ve ever wondered about planting a garden, you need to take action! Garden veggies are some of the most delicious food items that you’ll ever eat. One bite and you’ll never want store-bought again.


planting a gardenHere’s the deal. Growing a garden offers a ton of amazing benefits, y’all.

Not only are you feeding yourself and your family food items that you’ve literally grown yourself, but you’re also feeding and eating items that you know how and where they were grown.


Everyone wants to eat natural and organic but you can take it a step further and grow those veggies on your own instead of having to grab them from the store. Plus, talk about an awesome way to save some major dough.

Organic veggies are expensive to buy! But when you can walk right outside your door and pick your own? Total game changer.

 Planting A Garden

If you’ve been contemplating planting a garden, here is why you need to make it happen.

More Tips and Tricks

Think of all the ups and downs, the pulling of weeds, the planting and walking and maintaining…it’s all movement for you and your body. While I don’t know how many calories it burns, it sure feels good to be out in nature, tilling up the land and planting those seeds!

  • Planting the garden together as a family is a fun bonding

Give everyone in your family a packet of seeds and let them plant their own area or row. The kids will love to have their own space to monitor and maintain and you’ll love knowing that they are showing a bit of responsibility in seeing if those seeds grow.

Working in the garden is one of those “chores” that means that something should probably be done to help it grow every single day. Watering the garden and pulling up weeds are just two of the ways that gardening is super fun bonding time.

  • Gardening is actually much easier than it looks

If you’ve shied away from gardening in the past because you thought it was hard, you’re wrong! Gardening isn’t all that hard! And if you think you don’t have the space to make a garden, may I just point out that you’re wrong again, my friends? Head to the store and buy a small above ground garden box that you just need to fill with dirt. That way, you don’t have to worry about digging in the ground or making a garden and it just makes life so much easier!

Once you have your seeds planted, there is actually very little maintenance involved. Plan on watering the garden very early in the morning or late at night to miss the hottest parts of the day. And besides that, enjoy watching those babies bloom and grow!

  • Working in the garden is a great way to relieve stress

Pulling out those weeds not only works your arms, but it gets rid of those negative feelings and emotions as well! The next time that you’re feeling a little frustrated or stressed, hit up your garden. Need an energy boost, then garden!

Planting a garden needs to be on your radar. If there is any way that you can make it work, make it work. You’ll only love all the added benefits that it brings to you and your household. Plus, your tastebuds and gut will thank you as well!

Think about what veggies you would love to have fresh every single day and plant those in your garden. That way, you know without a doubt that you’ll always have healthy food and snacks on hand!

planting a produce garden

Are you interested in planting a garden?

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