Pure Barre Ballet Barre Workout Review

So. My goal this month is to get back into a fitness routine beyond just riding my FitDesk every day while I check email. And I miss writing workout reviews. A whole lot. Sure, the FitDesk gives me workout, but it’s not helping to shape my body. Not like my barre workouts do. So I got ambitious this morning and pulled out my Pure Barre ballet barre workout.

Pure Barre Workout Review

The OG Pure Barre Ballet Barre (and if you’ve been a fan for any length of time you know that Pure Ballet Barre now has tons and tons of workouts). Now, I love ballet, dance, Tracy Anderson Method… basically anything that makes me feel like my legs are going to fall off.

7 years ago, I relied heavily on ballet barre workouts to lose 50 pounds, and as of this morning, I have 52 pounds to my goal weight, which means it’s time, y’all.

Pure Barre Ballet Barre Workout Review

Memory is Faulty

I remembered Pure Barre Ballet Barre being challenging…but I honestly was not prepared (not even a little bit) for not being able to walk back upstairs after only half of the video.

I’m way out of shape. Or a wimp. The jury is still out.

That said, I remember getting amazing results from the OG Pure Barre Ballet Barre workout, which meant I was so very excited to actually try the workout again… And then I hit play.

You Will Be Sore

I know that my muscles are going to love me tomorrow!

…or not. I’m betting on not. I honestly couldn’t get my legs to stop shaking.

Pretty sure they still are. Y’all. Stairs are not my friend today. 

The seat work (where you basically shake your butt off) was half at the barre (or the chair…whatever you have available), and the other half on your knees.

My knees are 7 years older than they used to be, and I strongly recommend that if you’re over 22 you use a balance pad to avoid excruciating pain.

The standing portion of the seatwork required a lot of concentration.

I think I remember that this was a frustration of mine when I first viewed this video – but the instructor was not very good a directing BEFORE you start to work.

Because of this, it may actually help to watch the workout once through prior to performing the moves so you have a bit of an idea about what’s coming next, which I will do before I attempt this again.


Moving to the floor was a little better, as you are actually instructed where to position your body.

The abs segment was very similar to Bar Method style abs – meaning it was on the floor with lots of holding and pulsing, which I enjoyed.

Overall, I enjoyed the workout and will do it again.

I think that this is a very solid workout. If you are familiar with other ballet barre workouts, you shouldn’t have a problem with this one–in fact, it may be a welcome addition to your collection for some variety.

Do you want me to review more Pure Ballet Barre workouts? Tell me which ones below!

I know I will be feeling my thighs for awhile!

What’s your favorite Pure Ballet Barre workout?



  1. Joan on March 17, 2014 at 2:19 pm

    I can’t comment on the instructors body, if she preformed the position correctly then it’s good. Everyone has body(type) issues.

    The hardest ‘form’ problem was the floor work. I prefer standing position as this creates the best length. Also for me when I get tired I unintentionally distribute my weight to my wrists agrivating them (swell & sore). Through years of ballet I don’t remember being on all fours EVER! It’s barre right? Us-the-barre. If I wanted a floor workout I’d sign up for one. Cario Barre & Prima Barre are mostly standing workouts (note to Pure Barre) so that’s who gets my membership.

    Best, Joan

    • breefawn on March 17, 2014 at 2:22 pm

      I love Cardio Barre! Prima Barre is not one I’ve heard of, but I’m definitely going to look into them 🙂

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