Amazing Quad Stretches You Need To Try

I have worked my quads to exhaustion this week. Y’all…I’m walking backward down the stairs because they hurt so much. My crossfit coaches are awesome about stretching with us after workouts, but I have found that I need to do a bit extra when it comes to quad stretches.

4 Amazing Quad Stretches You Need To Try

Especially if my workout involved wall balls, squats of any kind, lunges. Basically anything where I’m bearing weight and mobilizing my quads.

Amazing Quad Stretches You Need To Try

Thankfully, I have a small arsenal of quad stretches that I can pull out when things get a little too tight. And this week, they definitely came in handy. Daily.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who could use some creative stretches, so I pulled together some of my favorite stretching videos!

Basic Quad Stretches

Most people rely on this basic quad stretch. While it does work, I have found that it’s really just a starting point for deeper, more lengthening movement.

Yoga For Your Quadriceps

I love yoga for its ability to stretch your body and strengthen it at the same time. This quick 6-minute sequence feels amazing on sore quads.

Deep Quad Stretches

If you have more time, try this 20 minute quadricep opener. It’s amazing.

Wall Quad Stretch

If you are looking for a deep stretch, try this wall stretch (this is especially helpful if you have very tight quads.

What are your favorite quad stretches?
Share them below!

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