Homemade Recipes Using Lavender For Your Body

Funny story. When I first started using lavender essential oil, I thought it smelled like feet. Like smelly, just home from the gym, feet. Which, in retrospect, is totally not what it smells like. And a bit silly. I think I was just so opposed to anything with flowers and that meant I avoided recipes using lavender.

Homemade Recipes Using Lavender For Your Body

Obviously, this was a case of my misinformed expectations. I’m telling you this in case you aren’t currently in love with lavender (in which case, this is the wrong blog post for you, friend. I suggest you check out my beach-smell diffuser recipes instead), give it time.

Someday you may love it.

But, if you DO love lavender (like myself), then you’re going to absolutely love these lavender DIY recipes. I realized lavender is so versatile I could use recipes using lavender for all areas of my body.

Lavender is very soothing, and for me, it’s been an amazing addition to my day. It makes things smell so fresh and clean and helps me to maintain a relaxed disposition.

Because (Ish will tell you), I can be a bit high strung.

But just a bit.

Oen of my favorite ways to incorporate lavender into my day is by diffusing it with bergamot and ylang-ylang (if you have not tried this, I’ll wait).

But beyond using your diffuser to, well, diffuse the lavender, I love adding it to all kinds of things like sugar scrubs, soaps, milk baths, bath salts, room spray….

Basically, I add lavender to anything and everything that I can. And, like a good mama, I’ve been Pinterest-ing after the kids go to bed to see what’s out there.

Y’all. I cannot with how many amazing lavender recipes have been created, and the following ones are definitely on my list of must-make-now items.

As soon as I run out of my most recent batch of lavender sage bath bombs, I’m totally making bath salts to get ready for long hot baths this winter (baths don’t really appeal to me during the summer for some reason…just me?)

Homemade Recipes Using Lavender For Your Body

20 Homemade Recipes Using Lavender

  1. DIY Lavender Coconut Sugar Scrub Bars – Hello Creative Family
  2. Jasmine, Lavender and Rose Homemade Aromatherapy Bath Salts – Homemade for Elle
  3. DIY Honey Lavender Bath Melts – Suburbia Unwrapped
  4. How to Make DIY Lavender Lip Scrub – Six Dollar Family
  5. Easy Lavender DIY Oatmeal Milk Bath Recipe – Turning the Clock Back
  6. Homemade Lavender Soap Recipe – PinkWhen
  7. DIY Shimmery Lavender Bath Salt Recipe – Must Have Mom
  8. Homemade Soap Loofah with Lavender and Chamomile – Homemade for Elle
  9. Lavender Oatmeal Bath Bombs Recipe – Beauty Crafter
  10. DIY Lavender Mint Sore Muscle Soak – The Homespun Hydrangea
  11. Make Your Own Essential Oil Cuticle Cream – Craft Create Cook
  12. How to Make Lavender Mint DIY Dry Shampoo – Style on Main
  13. Homemade Lavender Calendula Skin Balm – Mindful Momma
  14. DIY Lavender Sleep Balm – Six Dollar Family
  15. Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub Recipe – My Skincare Recipes
  16. Natural and Antibacterial DIY Lavender Yoga Mat Spray and Countertop Spray – Hello Creative Family
  17. DIY Lavender Essential Oil Tincture – Hello Creative Family
  18. How To Make Your Own Lavender Linen Spray – New House New Home
  19. Natural Lip Balm with Lavender and Grapefruit Essential Oils – Beauty in the Mess
  20. How to Make Homemade Lavender Rosemary Shampoo – Premeditated Leftovers

What is your favorite way recipes using lavender that you use in your home?

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