18 Services a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

If you’re sitting at your desk, dreaming about working from home, I get it. I was there. Or rather, I was sitting on my couch in tears with my brand new baby dreading returning to work. I didn’t want to go, but we needed the money. So I set out to figure out how I could replace my full time income…from home.

I needed to get creative. I’d worked at a bank, a car dealership (selling cars, if you can believe that!), Starbucks, and as a paralegal. I had a lot of skills, but no idea how to translate them to an online space. Sure, I could find an office job easily. Lots of people were hiring, but that wasn’t what I wanted for myself or my family.

I had to get creative. I had never heard of people who “work from home” that weren’t part of an MLM (and I do love me some Young Living, but that came much, much later). I found a little website called HireMyMom and started looking at jobs.

And everyone wanted something called a “virtual assistant”…ummmm…I could do that…I think. So I started by looking at my skill set, and you know what I found?

A whole host of things that I could do for them!

18 Services a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

A Virtual Assistant Can:

  1. Build a website
  2. Do market research
  3. Schedule appointments
  4. Respond to emails
  5. Schedule and send emails
  6. Design fliers, postcards, and more
  7. Write blog posts
  8. Draft newsletters
  9. Manage social media
  10. Research just about anything
  11. Create killer presentations
  12. Set up your online store/school/group
  13. Keep your database up to date
  14. Make travel reservations
  15. Book appointments
  16. Respond to client and customer inquiries
  17. Edit copy
  18. Draft your sales page

Now, this is not an extensive list by any means. In fact, I have another list over at Anchored Social Media & Consulting that I made about a year ago.

I hope that this gives you an idea of the value that you have in the online community, and if you are a business owner, give a virtual assistant a chance!

And, because I want to help you be as successful as possible, I’m currently putting together a course on how to have your very own thriving VA company, and I would love to hear from you!
I’ve been working as a Virtual Assistant for over 5 years, and I get asked all the time “How can I do what you do?”
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