Setting Goals For Your Fitness Journey

I am super excited to introduce Renee from Getting Fit Fab!

Hi Brea Getting Fit readers! My name is Renee and I blog over at Getting Fit Fab, a Lifestyle blog. I blog about everything: from my fitness journey to wedding planning, sporting events with my fiancée to delicious recipes, and everything in between. Since my blog began due to sharing my fitness journey, I am excited to share with you how I stay motivated even when the going gets tough–which anyone relating this can obviously relate to!

What are your fitness goals?

Since I am a visual person, there are several techniques that have really helped me throughout my journey. One visual aid I use is a goal and reward chart to keep me motivated. This helps me even when I really don’t want to do anything. It is really simple: I print it out, fill in my goals and rewards, and put on my fridge. There is room for five goals going across and then one reward for each set of five goals that I complete.

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The goals are tough but reachable. One of my current goals is going to the gym. I usually go five days a week. I check off each day to break my goal down into smaller, more attainable goals. I also set goals for personal records (PR’s). These PR goals are for weight lifting and running. I do cardio goals also because I hate doing cardio, more than I hate waking up at 4:00am to wake up.

In order to be self-motivating, I started writing down things I would want to earn after completing a fitness goal. My current rewards I am working towards are: fitness t-shirts, a second cheat meal of the week, and a “splurge” at Sephora of $25. The reward can be anything you’d want to “work” to earn.

Another way to keep me on track are lists and calendars. I like to create lists and calendars where I can cross or check off what I’ve done. When I first started losing weight, I really had to push myself to go to the gym.

The Bigger the Goal, the Bigger the Reward Will Be

To help me meet these goals I developed a routine that works best for my schedule and body type. My weight lifting program is a four day split, its two upper body days and two lower body days. The cardio varies, Wednesday, Saturday, & Sunday are usually just cardio so it’s intense cardio.

I like running on the treadmill because it keeps me at a faster pace than I would if I was running outside. Wednesdays I usually do the Stairmaster because it’s a great leg workout and calorie burner, and some walking on the treadmill.

[fancy_box id=2]You’ll go farther if you set goals. [content_upgrade id=8856]Get Renee’s FREE chart[/content_upgrade] NOW![/fancy_box]

My Lifting Routine is As Follows:

Every 8 weeks I change my routine so this is my new routine starting next Monday. I haven’t decided on the weights of the sets so that’s why it’s blank.

Monday- Quads

Squats- 5×5

Split Squat- 3×12

Leg Extension- 3×10

Walking Lunges- 3×10 each leg

Tuesday- Shoulders

Overhead Press- 5×5

Lateral Raise- 3×10

Frontal Raise- 3×10

Face Pulls- 3×12

BB Upright Row- 5×5

Wednesday- Strictly Cardio

Thursday- Chest/Back

Bentover BB Row- 5×5

Close Grip Bench Press- 5×5

Push Ups- 3×10

Pull Ups- 3×10

Dumbbell Pullover- 3×12

Friday- Hamstrings

Deadlift- 5×5

Hamstring Curls- 3×12

Rack Pulls- 5×5

Seated Calf Raises- 3×12

Hip Thrusts- 3×10

Saturday & Sunday- Strictly Cardio

I try and work in cardio on Tuesday and Thursdays as well as long as it’s not too late. I rarely do cardio on Monday and Friday’s since those are both leg days. Only during deload week, which is the week where the weight is lighter and my reps/sets are lower as well.

I know that not everyone likes lifting weights but for me, this is what changes my body composition. Find a workout plan that works for you, and that you’ll look forward to doing everyday.

ReneeGetting Fit Fab is a Long Island, NY girl living the life that is a mix of the beach and the Big Apple. She is engaged to CA, is a dog mom to a Newfoundland/Black Lab mix named Baloo. Her goal is to show how it is possible to fit good nutrition and working out into living a full life.

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