Must Make Easy Snowman Bath Bombs

These Snowman Bath Bombs will have you dreaming of a white Christmas….or have you wishing that Spring is on its way! Regardless, making these homemade bath bombs is a breeze!

Do you wanna build a snowman? Well…do you?

snowman bath bombs

Every time I see a snowman, I seriously have to send a snippet of that song in my head. It’s one of those things that will probably happen to you as well, now that I’ve implanted it into your mind. You’re welcome.

But in all seriousness, I just really, really enjoy bath bombs. And these snowman bath bombs are too cute. Not too cute to use….but still cute.

Snowman Bath Bombs

Plus, these homemade bath bombs are made up of only 5 ingredients, which make them super simple to make.

I’ve made these for myself and even gifted a few to some friends. Giving the gift of relaxation to someone is one of the absolute best gives ever! And giving the gift of relaxation to yourself? Priceless.

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Can you tell I like bath bombs a little bit?

Can you make these bath bombs using other molds?

Absolutely. That’s the fun part about it. If you love the recipe, you can get different molds and create them to look different ways. The ingredients don’t change at all.

How do you store these homemade bath bombs?

I recommend storing them in an airtight container. That way, they don’t dry out (which can cause them to crumble) and they’ll keep that awesome smell longer, too.

Do bath bombs help your skin?

While I’m not a doctor and don’t claim to be, my own personal opinion is that bath bombs have helped my skin feel softer and more moisturized. Everyone will have different results and thoughts though on this which is just one of the many reasons why you should give them a try.

Do bath bombs clean your skin?

They are not soap, so they aren’t technically a cleaner any way shape or form. They shouldn’t be used as a substitute for your regular soaps or bath gels.


Get ready for the simplest bath bombs, ever.

Ingredients for homemade snowman bath bombs:

Directions to make Snowman bath bombs:

citric acid bath bombsCombine the baking soda, vanilla extract, and citric acid. Find a big bowl and mix them all together.
how to make a bath bombAdd in water a little bit at a time and combine to mix using your hands. Get ready to get a bit messy with this step. (squishy fun!) Remember, you want it slightly dense but not soaked through. It shouldn’t be sloppy wet, just moist enough to mold.
Spoon the mixture into the snowman mold filling each mold cavity about halfway. Don’t overfill because you won’t be able to pack it down as much. Next, ¬†use your fingers to press down and really get it in there. Pack it down tight because if you don’t, they’ll crumble when you try to take them out.
citric acid bath bombs
Spoon the remaining mixture evenly into the cavities and continue to press down. Again, pack it in there tightly!
Place the bath bombs in a cool area for at least 24 hours to allow them to set and harden.
Once done, pop ’em out (carefully) and get ready to use them in a warm bath. (You can even add in two if y’all want!)
This recipe does make 6, so more than enough to share or keep for yourself!
Remember…sharing is caring.

homemade snowman bath bombs

Have you ever made and gifted homemade bath bombs before?

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