Fast & Easy Split Pea Soup

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I’m not a huge fan of snow. Like at all. Snow means cold, and for a girl whose heart will always be in Texas, cold is something I’m not a huge fan of. I am a huge fan of soups, though. So there’s that.

To help me get through the months of cold, I rely heavily on soups like this one. Split pea soup, stew, and my noodle-free chicken soup recipes are all favorites around here lately. Unfortunately, the boys don’t seem to be as enthused with my split pea soup recipe as I am.

Which is a shame, because split pea soup is so warm and delicious. Then, I discovered that my basic recipe lends itself quite nicely as a base for toppings.

Before you have a heart attack, hear me out. My boys like to “create” their own meals. They’re independent. Which is great…except when it causes them to be picky eaters. I have no patience for that.

Easy Split Pea Soup

I’m sure that you don’t either. So here’s how I get around that. I start with my basic recipe and then create a bar of potential toppings.

Everyone gets to add their favorites, and most nights everyone goes back for seconds.

Easy Split Pea Soup Recipe

 Split pea soup is a great comfort food that is easy to customize for everyone, as I mentioned before.

Split Pea Soup Bar

For the boys, I’ll lay out crumbled bacon, freeze dried peas (to add a bit of crunch), full-fat coconut milk, and toast soldiers. I’ve also put out different cheeses, though feta and goat cheese are the favorites by far.

My philosophy with toppings is that they need to be healthy and should help enhance the flavor of the soup. I’ve found that things that the boys can dip because it makes eating with their fingers at the dinner table acceptable.

Plus it’s fun for me, too.

And, the best part is that my boys (all of them) are eating their vegetables and not complaining (or whining) about it. I’ll call that a win.

How do you get your kids to eat their veggies?

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