Squeeze Barre Workout Review

Squeeze Workout Review Okay, so I’m officially a workout DVD ADDICT! Now, I don’t think that it’s a bad thing, it just means that I would rather spend money on my DVDs than a gym membership.

Mix It Up

To each her own right?. At least I don’t have to leave my house to workout. I have tried everything from Beach Body to The FIRM (which I love), Kettlenetics (another addiction), and isometrics.

I LOVE Isometrics

I have the Fluidity Bar, Bar Method, Exhale, and my lastest addition is  Squeeze. This workout is KILLER.

I am usually sore for a few days afterward, but HOLY COW does it work my muscles! I have noticed significant improvement in the muscle tone in my hips, thighs and glutes. Not to mention the fact that I’m finally getting a little bit of ab definition (which as we girls know is hard to do!).
squeeze workout review

Squeeze is a bit different from the traditional Lotte Berk or Bar Method style, in that Tracy incorporates some truly unique movements that don’t seem to be anywhere else (at least, not that I’ve found.). The upper body sequence always makes my arms feel like they’re going to FALL OFF!

And don’t even get me started about the lower body/glutes/abs segment. OUCH. Lots of reps, and definitely quite a bit of difficulty…definitely not what I was expecting!

Express Workout!

There’s another great feature to this DVD: a 30 minute express option. Squeeze is actually 60 minutes, but if you’re crunched for time (or want to further torture yourself), you can select Power Squeeze.

Power Squeeze is a very no-nonsense, get right to it workout. And you will be sore. Really, really sore. Overall, I’m very impressed with the movie-style production quality of the workouts, and I’m astounded by the fact that I can now wear SIZE 8 jeans!!

Y’all…I was in size 12 jeans 2 months ago!! I honestly believe it’s the isometrics. I have a very strong lower body, but these workouts make my legs/glutes/abs SHAKE!! More Squeeze, please!!


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