Picnic Perfect Strawberry Salad

I love summer. I have get to spend more time with my kiddos.

That means that I’m constantly looking for things to do with them.

We love going to the Zoo (our local Potter Park Zoo here in Lansing is small but awesome).

I love having picnics on the deck.

Also, Iove watching them play at the park while I read a book.

I love that they’ll run through the sprinkler for hours on end (For.Real.).

And I really love that we have seriously amazing neighbors who don’t mind that my kids assume they are invited over to play Every.Single.Day.

Strawberry Salad – Perfect Potluck Dish

The one thing I dread? Potlucks.

That whole “bring a dish to pass” business always makes me hyperventilate.

I know that we don’t eat what normal people eat. Or the majority of normal people. And sure, everyone always says to just “bring what you’ll eat”…but really, who is going to eat twice baked sweet potato casserole?


I have been trying so hard to find a dish that is easy, season-appropriate, and kid-friendly.

Oh. And healthy. Did I mention I wanted it to be healthy?

I know, that’s like the trifecta of impossible. But I think I did it.

I made this strawberry salad for a church picnic earlier this month and it got devoured. And everyone asked for the recipe.

Even my kids at it! Check out my 3-bean salad recipe as well, this is always a great potluck dish!

Picnic Perfect Strawberry Salad

Strawberry Salad

You can use any dressing that suits your fancy, but I found that this super simple (and no-sugar) poppyseed dressing was perfect with this.

Poppyseed Dressing

Picnic Perfect Strawberry Salad

Wash your strawberries (I love, love, love the Fruit and Veggie Wash-it’s so easy. You literally make a sink full and let your berries (or apples, or nectarines…) sit for a few minutes. Then you drain them and rinse them and you’re done!).

Once the berries are clean, de-stem them and slice them up. Set them aside.

Grab a large bowl and add your greens (be sure that you’ve washed and dried them first).

Picnic Perfect Strawberry Salad

Thinly slice your red onion, and add the slides to your bowl.

Sprinkle your feta cheese over the salad (making sure that you break up any large chunks).

Add your sliced strawberries and the almonds to your bowl.

Picnic Perfect Strawberry Salad

Now it’s time to make your dressing (this is super fun, and a great way to get your kids involved!). Add all of the dressing ingredients to a mason jar, seal it up with a lid and shake it.


Picnic Perfect Strawberry Salad

Gently pour your dressing over the salad and toss before serving. If you’re taking this to a picnic, do the pouring and tossing there, as the lettuce or spinach tends to wilt if it sits in the dressing too long.

Have you tried strawberry salad before?

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