Why You Need To Stretch

why you should stretch

I have short muscle fibers, which means that I’m not nearly as flexible as I’d like to be-this also means that the barre workouts that I do cause me to ache for DAYS (and yes, applying Deep Relief helps…some).

To combat this, I find that it’s important to incorporate daily stretching into my routine, both post-workout and each evening (it also helps me to unwind from my hectic days).

I find that when I stretch, I feel taller, breathe easier, and am not nearly as cranky and sore as the days that I skip it. Yes, drinking lots and lots of water helps to move the lactic acid out of my muscles, but the concise act of stretching what I’ve worked does wonders.

Most of my barre workouts have a cool-down stretch built in…except for Tracy Anderson. Why the she skips it, I’m not sure, since stretching the muscle helps to give you an elongated line. But since she does, I’ve been left to my own devices lately.

My favorite ways to stretch are with Tara Stiles This is Yoga, a comprehensive library of yoga sequences and poses that help me to get the kinks out and center myself. I also love Essentrics Sports: Flexibility Workout for Athletes, but find that sometimes doing it leaves me in a worse place. So I try hard to listen to my body and do what feels right in the moment.

What’s your favorite way to stretch?

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