Essential Oils that Smell Like the Beach

Pineapple in the shallow ocean water at the beach. Essential oils that smell like the beach

Lord help me, Michigan is really growing on me. I mean, it’s kind of humid (if you’re Southern, think May-June humidity instead of July-October humidity), the sun has been out (it was 94 yesterday!), and everyone’s got something on the grill. I need some essential oils that smell like the beach because I totally miss…

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Winter Diffuser Recipes

winter diffuser recipes

Last week it was cold in Texas. Y’all it was 45 degrees and to me that’s freezing! I turned on the heat, and then I reached for my oils and my favourite winter diffuser recipes. I love when I have nice, warm smells filling my home. Before we get into those delicious recipes, let’s talk…

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My Favorite Fall Diffuser Recipes


I can’t remember the last time I used candles or air fresheners…I’m sure that it has been at least 3 years, probably more. When I started looking at living more naturally, I was shocked to find that candles have a ton of ingredients that are really, really bad for you: Parrafin is a petroleum by-product,…

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