An Open Letter To Solicitors & Delivery Truck Drivers

to delivery truck drivers and solicitors

Apparently Fed Ex is not the only company who hires people who aren’t ‘all there’. Yesterday, a solicitor knocked on my door. After the previous incidents (read about them HERE and HERE) I now have a VERY large ‘No Soliciting‘ sign positioned at eye-level right next to (and above!) my doorbell, in case you were…

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Dear Fed Ex: An Open Letter From A Sleep Deprived Mom

dear fed ex

In case you weren’t aware, I recently chased one of your idiot drivers down the driveway in my pjs because he woke up my infant son by ringing my doorbell. It’s Time To Update Your New Employee Training     Now, I realize that at your training camp, your drivers have to hurdle fences, avoid…

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Why I hate the Fed Ex man & Doorbells

why i hate the fed ex man

THAT, dear blog readers, is my doorbell. Please, please, please explain to me what is confusing about a BRIGHT RED sign that reads: ‘Baby Sleeping, Please Knock‘. I used to have a bright yellow post-it…but it wasn’t cute. So I made a change…which apparently caused the Fed Ex man to forget how to read. Maybe I’m…

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