How to Avoid Blisters at Disney World

how to avoid blisters

I am so stinking excited, y’all!! I am on my way to Disneyworld later this week for a much-needed mom-cation. Yes, I’m visiting Disney without my kiddos. Again. Don’t worry they’re going to Disney for a week next fall (they just don’t know it yet). That means I have to avoid blisters at Disney World…

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Foot-Softening DIY Lotion with Lemongrass

This is embarrassing…but I’m just gonna say it. I have ugly feet. Which sucked when we lived in Houston, but was more of a problem now that I’m wearing slippers and socks constantly. Rough feet get caught on these things. Weird, but true. Skip to the directions to make your own Foot-Softening DIY Lotion with…

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